Andrew Zimmern's Top Spots in San Diego

Andrew Zimmern vlogs about his three top choices in San Diego. One of them was featured on his show and all three are listed below after the video.

Love his tip about avoiding the Gaslamp District. But I'm more excited to hit up Nobu and try some fresh sea urchin!

Izakaya Masa / yelp

Hodad's / yelp

Tita's Kitchenette

What's Fernet?

Fernet what?

The easiest way to explain the taste is to imagine Jägermeister without the sugar. You shoot it, immediately getting a strong hit of mouthwash - drying the mouth out, stinging the tongue. Its kind of like getting hit in the nose. Your brain hurts, your eyes sting and water, you cough a bit. Then, as soon as it begins a warm wave of relief washes over and you are left baptized in Italian herbals and golf ball eyed awake.

Of course, The Atlantic called it a few years ago as the Liquour you're still not drinking. I'll admit it's been a while but it's because I'm not searching. Have you tried it lately?

I wrote this article a few months ago after first trying it in no other city than San Francisco but The Bold Italic just released an awesome infographic so I thought I'd finally publish.

And always, don't forget my recent post on Esquire's drinking recommendation. ^_^


A Perfect Drink

The thing about one drink — a glass of liquor we're talking about, hopefully a stiff pour — is that it doesn't involve enough alcohol to make anything stop working. Your eyesight, your natural grace, your moral compass — they're all left intact. Because one drink doesn't compromise anything. It enhances. You have one drink and your world becomes slightly better. The bar is a slightly better bar. Your dog is a slightly better dog. Your work is slightly more brilliant. And for that, you pay no price.

I completely agree. Had one drink last week with a friend at her favorte burger joint Minetta Tavern and it was perfection. Company and food also were very much copmlimentary. ^_^

I'll review the place later, but don't take my word for it. Check out their reviews on Yelp!. We split the Black Label Burger and Minetta Burger. Great choices all around. Maybe I'll do it up Bone Marrow style next time.

photo by  Lori L. via Yelp

Men Lactating Doesn't Mean We Breastfeed!!!

This latest ruling is baffling. Not only is it just unbelievable but crazy?!?! What is our world coming to? Nationwide is definitely not on your side.

Part of the court's reasoning was, according to Galen Sherwin of the American Civil Liberties Union, “that even if Angela had been fired because she was breast-feeding, that was not sex discrimination, in part because men can lactate under certain circumstances.”

via Slate

State of Ramen

The state of ramen by Momofuku’s David Chang.

When we first opened Momofuku, I feel like our ramen made sense at the time; we were figuring out what it was like to make ramen in America. But now ramen is everywhere, and a lot of it is the same. I don’t want to go to every city and taste the same fucking thing. Everyone’s serving tonkotsu ramen, everyone’s serving pork. You could do a blind taste test and not have any idea where the fuck you’re eating. Everyone is sharing the same experiences, but ramen is not supposed to be about that; it’s food for people that don’t want the same experience, that don’t want to be part of the mainstream. Even in Japan, cooks are returning to pure, clean, simple chicken ramen, because everything else has been done. That’s it—you’ve taken noodle soup as far as you can fucking go, and now it’s gotta go back to the beginning.

What's on your breakfast table?

I'm merely highlighting a paragraph that clearly says it all. One of my goals when Norah could start eating more foods was to introduce her to new cheeses every week / month together and explore that world. I can't wait to expand her palette even more.  If you continue and read through the NY Times article, it's quite amazing the variety that other cultures present as compared to us here in the United States.

I love the part of Toyo / Bangus Tocho.

It is only through repeated exposure and mimicry that toddlers adjust to new tastes — breakfast instead of, say, dinner. That we don’t put pickle relish on waffles or eat Honey Bunches of Oats for supper are rules of culture, not of nature. As children grow, their palates continue to be shaped by the food environment they were born into (as well as by the savvy marketers of sugar cereals who advertise directly to the 10-and-under set and their tired parents). This early enculturation means a child in the Philippines might happily consume garlic fried rice topped with dried and salted fish called tuyo at 6 in the morning, while many American kids would balk at such a meal (even at dinnertime). We learn to be disgusted, just as we learn to want a second helping.


Worst Restaurant Best Ever

By now, if you haven't heard about the restaurant Botto Bistro  you have to head over and read their Yelp Reviews. Trying to achieve the opposite of the highest rating via Yelp!, owner David Cerretini is arguing that it's the best business move he's made in years. If you give it a 1-star rating, you get 25% off your meal to boot!

Here's a favorite review of mine.

Also, here's a pic of the board that they have up in the restaurant.

botto bistro chalkboard

The whole story here via SFGate.

Why You Need a Better Grinder for your Coffee

NPR's "The Salt" goes into the the details of what a great grinder can do for your morning cup of joe. I have a Baratza Virtuoso at home but have been thinking of a hand cranker since I usually find myself away stuck at an airport or hotel as of late. Specifically, I'm looking at either the Hario Slim, Hario Ceramic Skerton, or the Porlex Mini to bring along with me on trips. I'll also keep my Aeropress handy for brewing =). Below are the hand crank coffee mills in order.


The whirling blade grinder that most people have at home just doesn't cut it. The blade smashes coffee to smithereens, making boulders and fines all over the place. Instead, the coffee pros use burr grinders, which chew the beans up to a precise, consistent size by funneling them through a set of steel or ceramic teeth.

In other words, a good grinder can make all the difference between a cup of sludge and a rich, aromatic morning mug of Joe.

If you really want to, you can go for the gold and grab Orphan Espresso's Lido 2 for $175.

via NPR