Air Canada Expanding in the US Now Includes San Diego to Vancouver!

A few days ago on June 2, Air Canada Rogue is started their daily service between San Diego and Vancouver! I'm so excited that I needed to make a new post just for this. Whistler Vacations here we come but of course, this doesn't come without mentioning that this is a summer seasonal service that ends on October 16, 2016. Hopefully it'll last.

Air Canada Rogue will operate an Airbus A319 with 136 seats and will have the following schedule:

Southbound schedule YVR-SAN Air Canada Flight 1800 Departs Vancouver @ 7:10PM Arrives in San Diego @ 10:00PM

Northbound schedule SAN-YVR Air Canada Flight 1801 Departs San Diego @ 3:25PM Arrives in Vancouver @ 6:15PM

600bhp Subaru WRX STI with Mark Higgins Smash the Isle of Man Time Trial Record

As you might expect, the STI used in the record run is far from stock. Not much technical info was provided, but Subaru claims the weaponized WRX STI packs 600 hp from a turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four engine, not the 2.5-liter engine U.S.-spec STIs get. With a weight right around 2,590 pounds, and a top speed of 180 mph, the STI cracked the TT course in a scant 17:25, a far cry from the previous record of 19:26.

Jaw dropping. I want this simulator now!

Leasing with Uber Can Be Downright Expensive

After dropping $250 up front for her lease of a 2015 Honda Civic, she pays $160 a week to Xchange. If she keeps the car for the full three-year term, she'll ending up paying Uber $25,210. The Kelley Blue Book fair purchase price for a new 2015 Honda Civic SE in Los Angeles is $18,142. Schmitt said that she'll need to pay Uber another $5,000 or so to buy the car if she wants to keep it at the end of her lease.

If this is your only option due to a low credit score, this is your chance to get into a new Toyota automobile. But, and that's a huge BUT, I'd definitely recommend seeing what the dealership can do for you first because they do advertise lease rates at a quarter than what Uber charges.

Are You Excited for a $400 Hair Dryer?

The heat that comes out of a hair dryer, as anyone who uses one knows, is both what dries your hair and damages it. Your typical drugstore hair dryer likely has settings for hot, warm, and cold air; when on hot, heat can climb past what’s thought to be ideal for drying hair, and into temperatures that fry and damage hair cuticles. During testing, the engineers used thermal cameras to watch how prototype hair dryers dispensed heat over strands, and over time. In practice, the final Supersonic has heat sensors built in next to the airflow jets that will take the air’s temperature 20 times per second, and send that data to a built-in microprocessor. If temperatures rise too much, the Supersonic can level itself out. All of this is powered by a V9—a newer, smaller version of Dyson’s prized digital motors.

Sounds awesome but is it worth the price of 20 $20 Conair Salon hairdryers?

Apple's Funky Laptop Update Cycle

I don’t really blame Apple for the seemingly slow pace of its upgrades. The truth is that the current MacBook Pro already has enough advantages — primarily that Retina display, but performance matters too — to make my contemplated upgrade of a 2013 Air a very reasonable proposition. But I want more. I don’t just want to buy a better laptop than my old one, I want one that’s better for tomorrow as well as today. And that’s where I’m at my most foolish.

Vlad Savov hit the nail on the head. I sold my 2008 MacBook Pro in anticipation of a new Retina MacBook Pro two years ago and have been in limbo using a 2010 MacBook Air. As I've said before, it's showing its age with every tap on the keyboard and trackpad and I'm left contemplating biting the bullet at every "update." Here's to WWDC on June 13th.

And if you're interested in the latest MacBook refresh, you can now get it in Rose Gold and also standard with 8GB RAM!!!


Stephen Curry's 103 Home Runs

Sitting atop it is the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, who finished the regular season with a record 402 3-pointers.

The record is an outlier that defies most comparisons, but here is one: It is the equivalent of hitting 103 home runs in a Major League Baseball season.

If you're a sports fan of any kind, this is true athleticism at its height. And he's just getting started.

Watch Coachella Live Exclusively on YouTube Starting at 3:30pm Pacific!

For those (us) with kids...

Un-leashed by T-Mobile, music fans around the world can tune into Coachella’s YouTube channel on April 15-17 to catch performances of both emerging artists and the biggest acts on the lineup. The live stream will also be available on the YouTube Music app, and on any screen where you can watch YouTube.

Maybe I should setup the projector screen again and just stream a weekend long dance party at my house?! Check out Channel 1!

update #1: added direct link to "Channel 1"

Not Worth the $200 Premium

Still, those upgrades don't feel worth $290 for a device that doesn't perform its sole function any better than one more than half the price. In that context, the Oasis is meant to be the first desirable e-reader, marketed with its visual and tactile appeal instead of with its functional role in our lives. It’s appealing to customers who want a digital reading experience to feel more like a holding a well-crafted book and are willing to pay a premium for it.

My thoughts exactly. Looking at the reviews, the Kindle Voyage has half the amount of reviews of the Paperwhite and a quarter of the Paperwhite and Basic combined. Maybe I'll just add my own little "spine" invoking plate to my current Kindle for that "Oasis" feel.