Convincing the Misses for a Tesla

"Turo was what convinced my wife to let me buy it," Hurin said. "Putting it on Turo was the whole reason we bought the first one and the second one was the same thing."

I'm crossing fingers for a Tesla Model X but only because with a family of five, it doesn't look like the Model 3 Day 1 Reservation we have will work. But shoot, while you're at it, use my referral code. Thanks! Bottom line, make sure it pays itself off and you're golden!

The Fifth Generation Odyssey

Yea, so about that three car seat issue, looks like the Fifth Generation Honda Odyssey might still be the clear winner vs. a Tesla Model X. Maybe it’s time to trade-in our current Fourth Gen!

Takeaways: 40 more HP and an overall better ride.

Current issues include the Rear Entertainment System (RES) as mentioned on the Odyclub Forums.

side note: a friend at our daughter’s school has a Tesla Model X and just also bought a new 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Limited. Why? Better rates, 0% and deals as always on an American car. I’d still go Honda but that’s just me.

Consumer Reports on Cars They Haven’t Even Driven

Consumer Reports released reliability scores on Thursday for a number of new cars, many of which they haven’t seen yet, like the new Kia Stinger. The organization gave the Stinger an “average” score, basing this in part on drivers’ experiences with current Kia models. CR gave the same score to the Tesla Model 3, which they have also not driven, prompting a lengthy, angry statement from the automaker, who has contended for some time now that CR has singled them out for bad coverage. CR has emphatically denied the charge.

Fake reviews and scores shouldn’t even be allowed. It’s ridiculous reporting and scoring. Consumer Reports really hurts their credibility with acts such as this. It’s like saying, based on the past models, the new iPhone 11 is great!

Honda's Civic Type-R Set New Record

So now that it's a hit, there goes the mark ups! I'd love to have this car, maybe as a fifth car, but a daily drive up and down the 5/405 might be a little rough on the left knee in traffic. #oldage

But onto the news, it beats its predecessor by almost 7 seconds and the previous champion, the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport, by a stunning 5.4 seconds!

Porsche Fits One More Seat in the New Panamera Sport Turismo

I think I can finally convince the wife since this Panamera holds that crucial 4+1 seat for a grandparent or friend. =P I like it a lot and can't wait for 3-5 years for a Certified Pre-Owned version. Maybe BMW will finally bring back the 5-Series wagon stateside after their abysmal E60 showing.

Car and Driver // Road and Track

Italian vs. German vs. American Super Compacts

What we do see is added complexity on an Italian car. That makes us nervous. We happily awarded the Giulia first place, experiencing no reliability issues at all with the two test cars we abused. Then, a few weeks later, a different Giulia died in traffic, leaving one of our senior staffers blocking the road until the flatbed arrived. And then yet another test car showed off its Italian heritage by stalling randomly during a photo shoot.

Apparently this Giulia might live up to Alfa’s love-it-but-don’t-trust-it reputation after all. Or it could just be early-build teething problems from an all-new platform. We still think it’s the best compact sport sedan you can buy, even if it winds up breaking your heart. Better to have loved and been towed home than to have never loved at all.

Maybe I'm getting old but the term over engineered keeps coming to mind. You're paying $65,000 - $89,000 for a car and yet the maintenance you're to expect is not only outrageously expensive but frequent. Like I said, maybe it's me, but how does Honda, Toyota and Nissan do it on their high performance vehicles with so much less required maintenance?

Still Waiting for 2017 / 2018 Honda Odyssey News

It's nearing the end of 2016 and with the LA Auto show closed out, any news would be celebrated. Unfortunately, Honda has been completely mum on everything related to their plans for the Honda Odyssey. Highly awaiting what the new 2017 / 2018 Honda Odyssey will entail and when it'll debut, I'll save you the search. This is what I found on the popular and awesome Odyclub Forum. Thanks mlempire5.

I spent about a Hour yesterday, Friday 11/ 25 , in the Honda Booth at the Los Angeles Auto show. I asked if folks have been asking about the new Odyssey? The response was " All day everyday!." I talked to Honda specialists, not just booth attendants that have no idea of Honda inside information. I promised not to reveal what each person specialty was in regards to sharing what 2017/2018 Odyssey information they felt comfortable to reveal.

There will be no new Odyssey release before spring of 2017 at the earliest. a few department leaders have seen the outside of the new body, nobody has seen the interior as of yet. Nobody is sure about drive train details except to say they expect the same V-6 from the Pilot will be carried over to the Odyssey. Nobody is sure about the transmission regarding 8 or 10 speed transmission. There has been no work done on brochure development because there are not enough model details released to Honda staff.

The Nomad Bus Hostel

Almost 2 years ago I heard about this Belgian couple who had imported an american school bus from the USA to Belgium and planned on converting it into a pow and wave chasing hostel on wheels.

Wait? What?!

Follow photographer / media journalist Chris Eyre-Walker on his awesome adventure on the Nomad Bus. Pretty amazing story of a converted American Yellow School Bus wandering throughout Europe.


600bhp Subaru WRX STI with Mark Higgins Smash the Isle of Man Time Trial Record

As you might expect, the STI used in the record run is far from stock. Not much technical info was provided, but Subaru claims the weaponized WRX STI packs 600 hp from a turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four engine, not the 2.5-liter engine U.S.-spec STIs get. With a weight right around 2,590 pounds, and a top speed of 180 mph, the STI cracked the TT course in a scant 17:25, a far cry from the previous record of 19:26.

Jaw dropping. I want this simulator now!