Back in Action

Obviously after a long trip and getting back at 2:00am, the morning of coffee making and drop off takes a small it. Today, I just got it going and even volunteered some more IT work at the school to get their copier, printer, fax machine to also start sending scanned images to the different e-mails. Good times! It's Wednesday so that means Tumble Gym Bus and a spontaneous Chich-Fil-A day date, naps, grilled cheese and mom comes home!

Roundtrip Redeye

I knew I was going to get this trip yesterday so I was able to prepare for it with a nap and some large amounts of coffee. LAX-MCO (not Buffalo), at the hotel for 11 hours then back to LAX. Short and sweet video since I can't really do too much recording. Thanks for watching! I also forgot my GoPro in the car so I didn't get anything on it. Thinking of pulling the trigger on the GoPro Karma Grip or DJI Osmo Gimbal.

Day Trip!

Yesterday around noon, I noticed that I was assigned a day trip today that consisted of LGB-SMF-LGB-LAS-LGB which also started at 6:00AM and ended at 2:30PM. No traffic both ways, I got home at 4:30PM in time to hang out at the park with friends and catch dinner at Board and Brew. Buffalo tomorrow!

Oh, and I got a new Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount for my bicycle and an extra flex clamp grip!

The Legend of Korra ON SALE!!!

Friday is one of my favorite days and coincidently, one of my favorite American Anime series is on sale for $29.99!!! My daughter loves Korra and I can't wait to show her more episodes! And hey, while your'e at it, check out the original series, Avatar: The Last Airbender Complete series on DVD for $26.37. Great for the car rides!

Check it out now while they're hot!


Short and Sweet

I'm finding it a little "difficult" to get the camera out early in the morning and start sprinting. So today, I was able to capture the kids at a local park and followed by a short drive in picking up a craigslist bought car seat and a new cable modem. I'll talk about that tomorrow but ended the night on a nightcap of Tacobell 7-Layer goodness and some Bulleit Bourbon.

Slow and Surely

It's been one full week and today is Day 8!!! Happy one week anniversary! To celebrate, I actually wasn't late in getting up. Lunch at StreetCar Merchants with TJ then some Bird Rock Coffee for for a bag and complimentary cup. Playground time then dinner. Garage Works Brewing Company for a night cap. Goodnight!

Puddles, Poppies and Pie

Seven days straight!!! I seriously don't wake up "late" everyday but that seems to be the current trend.  I even set the alarm today for 7AM so that I could cook some oatmeal, grab some gatorade and take it easy. Thirty minutes later, I jump out of bed, put on my cycling gear, hoodies and shorts then run out the door. 

The Bike ride was awesome which included a really fast downhill with an abrupt dead end followed by a puddle, a snake and some amazing poppies. Just as it was coming to an end, my right calf completely froze up solid. Not good. Got back to the start, drove home, showered, school for a conference, small errands, dance then pie! 

Around 4:30, I also have the Rumpl unveiling! So warm, soft and awesome! Check them out! I'll have a review a little later down the road after we use it for camping at the end of the month.

Pancakes and Picnics

Once again, I woke up a little late as my son was tossing and turning all night. Yes, he still sleeps with me but it's awesome. But because I was late and pancakes were on demand, we arrived late for school. I hung around a bit, went to the bank then back home. Had to make some coffee, ate a bit, then all of a sudden, back to school for pickup. Nap, CCD, then a photoshoot for Rancho Penasquitos Banner Advertisement for the San Diego Fair (Del Mar Fair) followed by a small picnic.  Good times with amazing weather. 

Grilled Cheeses!

Day Four of the continuing adventure and definitely didn't capture all that I wanted today due to the crazy amount of traffic surrounding Balboa Park. We did get to see the Cherry Blossoms from afar and the ones lining up Park Boulevard, but hey, we saved some money not buying tickets afterall. Thanks again for following along! 

In other news, I did get grab Saturday and Sunday for San Diego Comic-Con 2017!!! Had a chance for a four day badge, but alas, it's just getting too expensive.