Hydrow Campaign Has Started!

Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted a Peloton bike and enjoy their services when I'm at various hotels but rowing has always been up there as my go to if an ergometer is available. I rowed for a year at UCSD but it was some of the funnest times and the most awesome competitive sport that I have been a part of. Hydrow looks to grow the company with their Indiegogo campaign and seems to me an easy acquisition target for Peloton.

update: They are almost up to $1M in funds raised! Let’s get them over that hump!

Garmin's New Tri Watch

Even with Garmin's latest iteration in their running / triathlon sports watches 935, Apple's Watch keeps on drawing me back in.

Check out Ray Maker's "In-Depth Review". If you ask me, $499 is a little steep. For now, I'll wait for the Apple Watch 3.

The Honest Co. Men's Complete One A Day

It's been just under three years since I went "cold" turkey and stopped taking any multiple vitamin or pre-workout mixes. It's also been just about two years where I pretty much stopped working out in any form except for the occasional here and there jog to and from terminals or airplanes.

My family has been using Jessica Alba's The Honest Company, products for our daughter since birth and started over again when our son was born. We love their products and can't talk about them enough. Our kids have never had "diaper rash" or any associated reactions to wipes and it's been great having them shipped to the house. I suggest you check them out and sign up for their free "pay for shipping only" introduction package.

When they released "Men's Complete One A Day" a while back, I was interested but never pulled the trigger till now. I figured my NYC diet and commuting back and forth hasn't allotted me the convenience of a well balanced meal so this will have to provide and can provide some compensation. Today is Day 1 and I'll be taking you through my day to day experience (30 tablets at one a day) during this August month.

Zoom in for all the ingridients listed on the back of the box. I'll also list them later on in another blog post. Cheers and happy Monday!


Enhance Your Self & Work it Out!

The benefits of exercise on physical health are no secret, but there is also an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that it can help emotional and mental well-being as well. For example, studies have suggested that it can enhance mood states, boost self-esteem and even help those with anxiety and mild depression. It’s thought that physical activity can trigger changes in brain chemistry, which can in turn have positive effects on our mood. But that might not be where exercise’s effects on the brain end, as a new study suggests exercise could be associated with changes in brain structure.

It's all about working out! And if you needed any more convincing that it's good for you, the Mayo Clinic has some more great insight!

More Sex, Better Sleep

Is more sex before bed the answer to getting a good night's sleep? "Not only do I generally agree with that, but there is some good data to support it," says Nicole Prause, Ph.D., a top sex researcher at UCLA. "But, in all of the literature and research, we don’t know if it helps improve the quality of sleep. It's never been looked at. We just know that sex can get you to sleep and to get your brain off what it's ruminating about and that can lead to better sleep."

"There is one good study done in Germany that says when you have an orgasm, oxytocin and vasopressin both go high and they stay high for at least an hour. They did an experiment where they injected male rats with vasopressin and the rats immediately started yawning like crazy. It was actually really cute. This does show that orgasms—whether it's via sex with a partner or masturbation—can help you fall asleep faster."

Filing it under future reference. ^_^

Lake Poway to Mt. Woodson and back

My aunt has been a huge inspiration to the, "Why don't I hike more!" mantra. Bottom line; she's all about it with tickets for Half Dome, Whitney and she's always looking for more. I've been out and about a few times but unlike her, she does it at least once a week. I was fortunate to not only be off of work, but to hike Mt. Woodson with her yesterday and it was awesome. A bit cold in the morning but weather was perfect. I brought along my Garmin Edge 500 for data, but couldn't find my heart rate monitor. It's been months since I last did this hike (maybe two years) and probably only did Torrey Pines twice since then but I was happy that I got to head out! I also got to use my Fusion Sports Ambassador Gear for the first time! Great clothing! If you haven't done it already, I highly recommend it!

Gear: Osprey Syncro 15 Hyrdation Pack LOVE IT! | Fusion Sports PRF PRO T-Shirt | Fusion Visor

mt. woodson instagram


If you haven't started drinking coffee, it's not too late! New York Times Well Blog lays out some benefits that recent studies have found. I'll also admit that this is just a healthy reaffirmation of my latest hobby. http://instagram.com/p/KDNMo_u4fI/

Other recent studies have linked moderate coffee drinking — the equivalent of three or four 5-ounce cups of coffee a day or a single venti-size Starbucks — with more specific advantages: a reduction in the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, basal cell carcinoma (the most common skin cancer), prostate cancer, oral cancer and breast cancer recurrence.

But a cup or three of coffee “has been popular for a long, long time,” Dr. Freund says, “and there’s probably good reasons for that.”

via NYT: Well Blog "This Is Your Brain on Coffee"

One Week Free!

If you haven't tried it already, I suggest you check out CrossFit. If you happen to live in San Diego, I'd check out CrossFit858. Owner and Director Mark Lin is an awesome coach and he's enlisted some of the finest in the SoCal area to help the box out. Sign up for the free introductory week and tell 'em I sent ya. If you need a little "About CrossFit" just hit the link!

CrossFit 858: Opens 12.2 from Sean Horton on Vimeo.

I do wish that I could manage my flying schedule a lot better and make a consistent effort but I will get there one way or the other as this is my Latest Endeavour(9 months later).

Getting out there

I'm been stuck running on treadmills for the last couple of weeks but fortunately, I was able to get out there and do a lap around Miramar Lake. I donned my SunRype running shorts for the first time and they felt awesome! I should have taken a picture. After recording an 8" mile for the first one of five, my neck cramped up??? Yah, it's a first and I still feel a slight strain on it. Hopefully it gets better but it must be associated with all the time commuting and / or flying back and forth huh? I'll admit my posture isn't the best when stuck in a middle seat of a Delta 757 or the jumpseat with your legs dangling.

It was a hot day to run being that I chose to start at noon but it was good times being out in the sun. It's less than a month till the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon so it's time to up my game! Excluding all the flying I'll be doing the next few weeks, hopefully I'll have the energy to squeeze in some long treadmills sessions. Oh the glamorous life of a pilot. :/

Motivation: Pushing Limits

Thought you had some amazing goals for 2012? Think again. Next year, James Ketchell will set out to do what no one has done; row across the Atlantic, climb Mt. Everest then cycle around the world. He's already done the first two tasks although in different years and while completing all these feats in a year is timely possible, I'm excited to track his progress. Check out his awesome video, following him on twitter, @CaptainKetch and track his story via his website, jamesketchell.net.

Pushing Limits from Tim Juby on Vimeo.