Puddles, Poppies and Pie

Seven days straight!!! I seriously don't wake up "late" everyday but that seems to be the current trend.  I even set the alarm today for 7AM so that I could cook some oatmeal, grab some gatorade and take it easy. Thirty minutes later, I jump out of bed, put on my cycling gear, hoodies and shorts then run out the door. 

The Bike ride was awesome which included a really fast downhill with an abrupt dead end followed by a puddle, a snake and some amazing poppies. Just as it was coming to an end, my right calf completely froze up solid. Not good. Got back to the start, drove home, showered, school for a conference, small errands, dance then pie! 

Around 4:30, I also have the Rumpl unveiling! So warm, soft and awesome! Check them out! I'll have a review a little later down the road after we use it for camping at the end of the month.

SprezzaBox 24 Hours Flash Sale!!!

A few weeks ago I told you about my Sprezzabox Ambassadorship and how you could get 10% off your initial order and subscription. Well, being that today is Wednesday Humpday, take advantage and grab some 30% off goodness! Check out the lastest offerings and show me what you got!


SprezzaBox Ambassadorship

A few weeks ago, I was accepted into the SprezzaBox Ambassador program and I can't wait for you all to signup to the goodness that the SprezzaBox has introduced me to! Click away and check out the amazing collaborations and curations they've created. Subscribe and set yourself up with an awesome surprise every month! It's allowed me to expand my style and even venture out to other styles that I wouldn't have otherwised thought of.

PSA: You can also use the coupon code: ENICOLAS for 10% off your first subscription or store purchase!

Nike's New Converse Chuck Taylor IIs

Some of you may or may not know, but back when Converse filed for bankruptcy in 2003, Nike swooped in (pun NOT intended) and bought them out. Over twelve years has passed without major change but next Tuesday, July 28th (my birthday), Nike / Converse is changing it up a bit! Adding foam comfort via their latest Lunarlon technology, super soft micro-suede liner, padded non-slip tongue, premium canvas and even an embroiled logo, you can spend $70 for the low tops or $75 for the hitops only suggesting a higher price for $15 overall from their old counterparts.

I'm intrigued and to tell you the truth, this might be my first pair ever! I do miss the racing stripe, and I usually gravitate towards the Jack Purcells so I don't know. I'm sure we'll see multiple iterations of the Chuck IIs and their new shoe tech trickle to other shoes within Converse's portfolio. Are you going to pick up a pair? 

Gustin's Brushed Back Superlight #206


A super light denim from Japan with a hugely brushed back that has an almost fleece-like feel. We haven't seen anything like it before and it's bound to be one of the most comfortable pairs of raw denim you'll find.

Gustin jeans made from sanforized raw selvage denim from one of the finest mills in Japan. Our super light denim is always a crowd pleaser. It's nice to have a pair of raw denim that you can wear very comfortably in the warmer months. This one may be the ultimate pair. It starts with an incredibly dark blue-black indigo warp. It's the darkest super light denim we've run. There is nice show through on the white weft which helps give it a classic denim look and serves as nice contrast to the dark warp. At at extra light weight of 9.8 ounces, it's butter soft. It gets better. The back of the fabric is highly brushed. It literally feels like fleece to the touch, which should make this denim absolutely supple when on. We've never found denim with a feel quite like this. If you want go-to super light denim with a rare feel, this is your winner.

Just got these in today and you can bet I'll be wearing the crap out of this pair while on reserve in NYC! Check out a pair of Gustin's today!


JetBlue x Manhattan Portage Sustainability Project

Now's your chance to own some of JetBlue Airways' previous uniforms. Familiar pieces from the uniform line include the pilot shirt with embroidered wings to the flight attendant tie, shirt and scarf make up some of Manhattan Portages newest pieces. Grab the limited set while you can!

The Manhattan Portage X JetBlue City Lights Bag is constructed out of recycled JetBlue pilot shirts. Keeping the original garment pocket and pilot wings, the City Lights Bag is a perfect organizational companion. Domestically and internationally, it loves to tag along! Buy here

The Manhattan Portage x JetBlue Toiletry Case is designed to carry all your important travel necessities. This "above the wing" piece is made entirely from recycled flight attendant uniform materials - the exterior body is JetBlue's signature windowpane shirt, the lining is a scarf and the easy grab-and-go handle is a necktie! Buy here

I'm thinking about picking up either or or maybe both! And Just in case you wanted something larger, check out the Manhattan Portage x JetBlue Europa.

Lake Poway to Mt. Woodson and back

My aunt has been a huge inspiration to the, "Why don't I hike more!" mantra. Bottom line; she's all about it with tickets for Half Dome, Whitney and she's always looking for more. I've been out and about a few times but unlike her, she does it at least once a week. I was fortunate to not only be off of work, but to hike Mt. Woodson with her yesterday and it was awesome. A bit cold in the morning but weather was perfect. I brought along my Garmin Edge 500 for data, but couldn't find my heart rate monitor. It's been months since I last did this hike (maybe two years) and probably only did Torrey Pines twice since then but I was happy that I got to head out! I also got to use my Fusion Sports Ambassador Gear for the first time! Great clothing! If you haven't done it already, I highly recommend it!

Gear: Osprey Syncro 15 Hyrdation Pack LOVE IT! | Fusion Sports PRF PRO T-Shirt | Fusion Visor

mt. woodson instagram

Giveaways, Instagram and OOTD #1

I don't usually win anything when I enter various online giveaways but maybe that's about to change! Last night, I threw my name in the hat because I thought, there's really nothing to lose and low and behold, I won! Easy as regram'ming @cityofgentlemen's post showing off the Microtouch Classic ONE Razor and following him (which I have been now for a while), I was notified early last night that I won. The reviews of the Microtouch are mixed on Amazon and it's the one that you see being marketed by Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison.

Instagram microtouch j coqKO4b7

I'll post a review with my first experience with using a double edge safety razor here as soon as I get the chance to shave with it! Good thing I have my full Art of Shaving Kit to lather me up.

Since our correspondence last night, I told @cityofgentlemen that I've been wanting to post some pictures from time to time of my "looks" / OOTD but I've been hesitating since I'm not that relevant in my opinion. He said just do it so here's the first:

gustin jeans

shirt: Gustin Blue-Hunter Gingham
glasses: Warby Parker Roosevelt Striped Chestnut
belt: Gustin Classic Belt
jeans: Gustin Heavy American
shoes: Allen Edmonds McAllister Wingtip Oxfords

and my staples of my Citizen Eco Drive Blue Angels and Tiffany Atlas Bracelt. If you like any of my Gustin clothing and are into raw denim, please use my referral link and get $5 off too!

The Super Awesome Trinity Knot for Neckties

I'm definitely a lot more comfortable these days with tying a bow tie thanks to Mr. Offshoreorganbuilder, but this is something new to me! This Trinity knot is my next knot! I guarantee it! Watch Alex Krasny do it up! Maybe I'll even post a knot selfie on my Instagram later this week. http://youtu.be/QPyxTrhsBiM

Here's a picture of it too!


An Awesome Belt by Gustin

classic beltI remember Gustin from their Kickstarter days and boy have they taken off! Who would have thought crowd-sourced / funded clothing would be this awesome?! And to have it delivered to you wholesale??? I'm at a loss. With an emphasis on fit, fabric and finish... I can't stop admiring such a great company. They have yet another 'Classic Belt' round up for funding. Ever wonder how belt was crafted? If you need a belt, want a new one or want to simply own something of magnificence, support this bad ass accessory! If you're in doubts about buying this amazing classic belt from Gustin, check out the video below!

Only if the artist who handcrafted my belt could sign it. Hmmm.... guys?

I'm not going to mass email you guys but check out the referral email below! Get $20 off your first order. Hey!

Have you checked out Gustin yet? They are the first fully crowdsourced premium menswear company. That means you get to decide what they produce and get it all at true wholesale prices!

If you create an account using my referral link you get $20 off your first purchase!



I already own two of their amazing pairs of jeans. I'll be slowly replacing all my other pairs shortly. Maybe a road trip in the books!

What's in Your Pockets?

Now this is an amazing jacket. I've been seriously considering a Scottevest for quite sometime and this might be the winner. Watch the video below. http://youtu.be/oY7elyTHWMk

You can hide both an iPad and a MacBook Air 13" and not have to bring cases makes this the ultimate coffee shop tech vest. Co-designed with #1 New York Times Best Selling author Brad Thor, it's set to debut next month in September. I was on a Mitch Rapp kick for a while but I'll have to start-up his series too when I'm finally done with Game of Thrones!