Gustin's Brushed Back Superlight #206


A super light denim from Japan with a hugely brushed back that has an almost fleece-like feel. We haven't seen anything like it before and it's bound to be one of the most comfortable pairs of raw denim you'll find.

Gustin jeans made from sanforized raw selvage denim from one of the finest mills in Japan. Our super light denim is always a crowd pleaser. It's nice to have a pair of raw denim that you can wear very comfortably in the warmer months. This one may be the ultimate pair. It starts with an incredibly dark blue-black indigo warp. It's the darkest super light denim we've run. There is nice show through on the white weft which helps give it a classic denim look and serves as nice contrast to the dark warp. At at extra light weight of 9.8 ounces, it's butter soft. It gets better. The back of the fabric is highly brushed. It literally feels like fleece to the touch, which should make this denim absolutely supple when on. We've never found denim with a feel quite like this. If you want go-to super light denim with a rare feel, this is your winner.

Just got these in today and you can bet I'll be wearing the crap out of this pair while on reserve in NYC! Check out a pair of Gustin's today!


An Awesome Belt by Gustin

classic beltI remember Gustin from their Kickstarter days and boy have they taken off! Who would have thought crowd-sourced / funded clothing would be this awesome?! And to have it delivered to you wholesale??? I'm at a loss. With an emphasis on fit, fabric and finish... I can't stop admiring such a great company. They have yet another 'Classic Belt' round up for funding. Ever wonder how belt was crafted? If you need a belt, want a new one or want to simply own something of magnificence, support this bad ass accessory! If you're in doubts about buying this amazing classic belt from Gustin, check out the video below!

Only if the artist who handcrafted my belt could sign it. Hmmm.... guys?

I'm not going to mass email you guys but check out the referral email below! Get $20 off your first order. Hey!

Have you checked out Gustin yet? They are the first fully crowdsourced premium menswear company. That means you get to decide what they produce and get it all at true wholesale prices!

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I already own two of their amazing pairs of jeans. I'll be slowly replacing all my other pairs shortly. Maybe a road trip in the books!