Klarman on Our State of the Economy

Klarman’s critiques of Washington and of irresponsible business practices share a common target: the selfish disregard for the future. “If we think of free enterprise and democracy as games, a lot of people are breaking the rules and disrespecting the other players and even the game itself. Mitch McConnell is disrespecting the game. Donald Trump doesn’t even know what the rules are. Free enterprise has been good for me and for the world. It has been good for my two-hundred and eighty employees. It has been good for my clients. Let’s honor the system. Let’s make sure that we leave and improve it for the next generation to benefit just as much as we did and with as much respect as we showed.” Otherwise, he said, “What kind of scorched-earth cost might we have to pay for that?”

I wish I had the whole paper from the Davos summit or even Seth Klarman’s out of print book, “Margin of Safety,” that goes for $1000 or so. We must evolve.

Read Between the Lines but Just in Case

But just in case they failed to pick up on her [current President Joanna Geraghty] obvious signals, here’s the message in its most simple and straightforward form: “JetBlue Is For Sale!”

Guess you don’t have.

Nintendo Stock Jumps 5% on Switch Sell-Out

Today was Nintendo's big day! It was so big with the Nintendo Switch release at midnight, that their stock even jumped 5%. No, I wasn't able to get in, but I'm still thinking there is room for growth. If you haven't already read, Zelda scored a 10/10 on IGN which is a pretty big deal! I'll be playing tonight after the family goes to sleep.

Will Twitter's Periscope Turn GoPro Around?

Do you really believe that a Twitter / Periscope and GoPro solution will bring the stock back up from it's 90% drop over the last year? This chart seems to think so.

GoPro has teamed up with Twitter, according to the Wall Street Journal, and announced that its Hero 4 cameras are able to connect to Periscope and live-stream whatever the user is recording.

The connection is designed to allow users to use both their smartphones and their GoPro cameras intermittently without interrupting the live broadcast.

I still don't own a GoPro but would like one if and only if I can actually start filming while on duty. =)

As Expected, Apple Watch Chips Away at Traditional Watch Sales

The market for watches that cost less than $1,000 is most at risk, as consumers in that price range have indicated they’re the most likely to buy an Apple Watch, Levin said. Sales of watches costing between $50 and $999 registered drops in June, the biggest being a 24 percent decline in timepieces from $100 to $149.99, according to NPD’s data.

This is huge. I'd go as far and say it's a significant swing in the market especially in light of all the newcomers such as Marc Jacob and Nixon. This is their territory.

JetBlue Adds Apple Pay for InFlight Purchases

With many airlines accepting only credit cards these days, I'm glad to see jetBlue getting onboard with Apple Pay. Bravo! And in a few months, we'll be paying with our Apple Watches! ^_^

Starting next week, passengers on select JetBlue Airways flights can use Apple Pay on their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets to buy food, drinks and certain onboard amenities when the plane reaches cruising altitude. You'll be able to upgrade to available premium seats, too.

Update: Looks like a new app will go along the iPad minis too! Way to utilize tech jetBlue!

Apple Pay in the air, JetBlue will deploy iPad minis and NFC-enabled cases to more than 3,500 inflight crewmembers. In addition to the cases with Apple Pay compatibility, each iPad mini will be loaded with a custom-designed iOS app — The Inflight Service Assistant — which will give inflight crewmembers access to customer manifest and flight data to provide the best experience possible to JetBlue customers.

Don't Listen to Them! iPad Sales Don't Disappoint!

MG Siegler is concise and right on. iPad sales this quarter was only disappointing to those who thought that Apple would sell more than 19 million units. Seriously though, think about it… Apple still sold 16 million iPads... in 3 months! The fact that this product category is only 4 years old and in total have sold over 210 million, that's quite a feat!

As a standalone business, just based on the last 12 months of revenue, the iPad would be in the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500. Think about that for a second. The iPad alone is bigger than almost all Fortune 500 companies.

For a full breakdown of sales, head over to 9to5mac.