South Park PvP on iOS

Download South Park: Phone Destroyer™ by Ubisoft now on the App Store available on iOS.

From South Park Digital Studios comes a real-time battle game like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! Take on Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all out mobile mayhem!

South Park: Phone Destroyer brings you iconic South Park characters, action packed real-time strategy, exploding PvP battles, trademark South Park humor and collectible cards in a perfect mix that’s spicier than Cartman’s chili con carne …

Splatoon 2 is My Third Nintendo Switch Game

With “Splatoon 2,” Nintendo doesn’t rewrite the formula. It doubles down on the core experience and expands the ways to play. The developer continues to give fans a curated experience, rotating stages every few hours. In Ranked Battle, players can participate in contests with other rule sets, such as splat zones, tower control and rainmaker.

For dedicated competitors and their teams, there’s even a League Battle, which requires friends and a commitment to a 2-hour session.

You read it here. I'm just looking for playability and fun factor especially since skipping the massively successful game OverWatch. I needed something more portable and I'm hoping this is it. I also have never played Splatoon 1 or the beta for 2. Should be fun!

Get it now for $47.99 on Amazon with their pre-order price guarantee!

Final Fantasy VII Player Reaches Level 99 in First Reactor

It took roughly 500 hours, by CirclMastr’s count, to pull off this ridiculous accomplishment. He’s been plugging away at his quest for over two years, grinding experience by fighting thousands of low-level random encounters on the catwalks of Midgar’s Sector 1 reactor. “Tedious” might not be a strong enough word, especially considering that he played the game on a PS1, without the benefit of frame-skipping or save states. He streamed some of the run on his Twitch channel, but most of it was solo.

The video is around 56 minutes, but if you'd like, fast forward to where the magic happens around the 53rd minute. It's truly ridiculous and mind numbing blowing.

Charge and Play Your Switch

The takeaway from all of this is that while this is by no means an exhaustive test, what I’ve found is that any good power bank designed to power tablets will be sufficient to power the Switch. So long as a bank can deliver 5V @ 2A or better, then it can power Nintendo’s console.

It's amazing that the AC Adapter that comes with the Nintendo Switch is actually more powerful than the one that's included with Apple's 12" MacBooks. But, nonetheless, if you want to charge and play, Anandtech currently is recommending RAVPower's 26800 mAh Power Bank. I'm sure that Anker's PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C will also the trick, but then again, I'm a little partial to them since that's all I'm been privy to.

Switch Success

From Aaron Souppouris, Senior Editor at Edgadget.

I've had the Switch for just under two weeks. I was always going to like it, but recently, I've grown to love it.

I traveled away from my home in London to New York a couple of days ago, and the Switch has made a great travel buddy. Typically, I take a 3DS or a Vita (or both) to pass the time on the eight-hour flight and scratch my gaming itch after late nights writing in hotels. This time, though, I essentially have a home console always within arm's reach.

A home run from Nintendo!

Nintendo Stock Jumps 5% on Switch Sell-Out

Today was Nintendo's big day! It was so big with the Nintendo Switch release at midnight, that their stock even jumped 5%. No, I wasn't able to get in, but I'm still thinking there is room for growth. If you haven't already read, Zelda scored a 10/10 on IGN which is a pretty big deal! I'll be playing tonight after the family goes to sleep.

Snipperclips Will Be My Second Game on the Switch (Maybe My First)

The solutions I came across were never obscure, but I can’t say enough about how gratifying it is to solve a puzzle with someone I just met without some notification beforehand telling us what we have to do to progress, even if the solution is so easy a caveman could do it. It absolutely elevated my experience with the game and I hope to God Snipperclips developer SFB Games doesn’t include those types of hints in the final product.

Because I pre-ordered Zelda on Amazon as well as 1-2 Switch, when I pick up my Nintendo Switch tonight, I will NOT have any physical games. I did order them for "Day Of Delivery" but in essence, who knows when that will be tomorrow. So, when I power up my Switch tonight and most likely download sometype of HUGE patch, Snipperclips will most likely be the first game that I execute on Nintendo's latest and greatest.

And, if you DID order or plan on grabbing a Nintendo Switch, supplement that internal 32GB drive with some Samsung Evo Plus 128GB MicroSD goodness! This one even comes with a USB 3.0 Ultra High Speed MemoryMarket Dual Slot MicroSD & SD Memory Card Reader!

Zelda's Nintendo Switch

As a “Zelda”-playing machine, the Switch works well. Nintendo is selling the latest chapter of its Hyrule saga, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, as a launch title alongside the system. With its gorgeous cel-shaded visuals that look like something out of a Studio Ghibli movie, the game is impressive. But at times, the Switch has trouble handling so many enemies and effects on the screen at once.

In terms of size and scope, “Breath of the Wild” dwarfs previous titles and makes the world of “Fallout 4” look like quaint region compared to the expansive continent of this reimagined Hyrule.

It's quite an expensive game at $299.99 + $59.99 but here's hoping for the a future pleathora of releases and continued "fun-factor!" Mario Kart 8 Deluxe up next on April 28, 2017 and much more!

Splatoon 2 & Super Mario Odyssey both tagged for December 29, 2017, which, I know is so far away, but Snipperclips is going to be downloadable on Friday!

And if you're with Amazon Prime, all those games I mentioned above are 20% off when you pre-order. Best Buy might price match but I know that Gamestop cannot.

I'm Getting Excited

As the title states, I'm getting excited. Yes, I'll be there at midnight to pick up my Nintendo Switch and Zelda should be mailed to my house via Amazon early in the day. Heck, even my background on my iPhone is even an image of Link. If anything, check out Geison Cacho from the East Bay Times on his 5 Big Changes to the Zelda franchise.

GameStop Lying to Their Loyal Customers

The more new games an employee sells, the more used games they’ll have to sell to make up for it. In other words, according to salespeople speaking to Kotaku and elsewhere on the internet, GameStop is incentivizing employees to stop people from buying new games and hardware. GameStop staff say the company has threatened to fire people who don’t hit these quotas, which is leading to all sorts of scuzzy tactics.

“We are telling people we don’t have new systems in stock so we won’t take a $300 or $400 dollar hit on our pre-owned numbers,” one GameStop employee told me in an e-mail, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to press. “This is company wide and in discussions with my peers it is a common practice. We also tell customers we don’t have copies of new games in stock when they are on sale—for example, Watch Dogs 2 is currently $29.99 new and $54.99 pre-owned. We just tell them we don’t have the new one in stock and shuffle them out the door.”

My Nintendo Switch Pre-order might just be my last interaction with this franchise. And I just upped my Power Rewards to Pro status again for another year.

A second employee also said they found themselves in trouble after selling a bunch of new games last Tuesday, during the launch of Resident Evil 7, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and Tales of Berseria. “Now I’m fucked for the week,” that employee said. “Now I have to sell way more pre-owned this week.”

When a company slogan is "Power to the Players," they are actually referring to metrics and corporate. What a sham!

If Super Mario Run Was Free

Mario now only has a certain amount of energy, and the poor lad gets tuckered out whenever you play a level. If you run out of energy you'll have to pay up, wait around, or bother your social media pals to keep playing.

If Nintendo charged $9.99 up front instead of making a portion of it free, they would have less complaints. It's already an awesome free game but "unlocking" it works for me. Think of the hours that were put into development of this game. It's wonderful and enjoyable and the more I play it, the more fun I'm having. Looking forward to see what other games Nintendo has up their sleeves in 2017 and onward.