Switch Success

From Aaron Souppouris, Senior Editor at Edgadget.

I've had the Switch for just under two weeks. I was always going to like it, but recently, I've grown to love it.

I traveled away from my home in London to New York a couple of days ago, and the Switch has made a great travel buddy. Typically, I take a 3DS or a Vita (or both) to pass the time on the eight-hour flight and scratch my gaming itch after late nights writing in hotels. This time, though, I essentially have a home console always within arm's reach.

A home run from Nintendo!

If Super Mario Run Was Free

Mario now only has a certain amount of energy, and the poor lad gets tuckered out whenever you play a level. If you run out of energy you'll have to pay up, wait around, or bother your social media pals to keep playing.

If Nintendo charged $9.99 up front instead of making a portion of it free, they would have less complaints. It's already an awesome free game but "unlocking" it works for me. Think of the hours that were put into development of this game. It's wonderful and enjoyable and the more I play it, the more fun I'm having. Looking forward to see what other games Nintendo has up their sleeves in 2017 and onward.

Mega Man X for ONLY $2.00

Yesterday morning, December 16th 9am PT, and lasting until December 18th 8:59pm, you can capitalize on an awesome game for only $2.00! The game you're wondering? Mega Man X! It's normally priced at $7.99 so at 75% off, it's even more of a steal. I just wish it was also made for the 3DSXL, which might just push me over the edge not to mention that Target has all Nintendo 3DSXL consoles for sale at $149.99!!! That's a $50 savings! Best Buy also will price match too so if you've been waiting to pull the trigger, have at it. If you haven't heard, it's all about the latest Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which received a 9.4 on IGN. Of course, there's always Pokemon X or Y which also received rave reviews!

Nintendo eShop Mega Man X

Mega Man X WiiU

Apple New iPod Touch

If you want an iDevice sans cellular network, this is your answer.  Granted Nintendo's 3DSXL and Sony's Playstation Vita come in at $100 less and up to $50 less causing me to question Apple's price point.  Is this new iPod Touch more valuable than the other two gaming companies current offerings?  I personally don't think so but that's because I already have an iPhone 5.

If you’re looking for a device like the iPod touch, buying this year's model is an absolute no-brainer, but I’d bet more people are going to think twice before laying out $300.

via David Pierce, The Verge