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Apple New iPod Touch

If you want an iDevice sans cellular network, this is your answer.  Granted Nintendo's 3DSXL and Sony's Playstation Vita come in at $100 less and up to $50 less causing me to question Apple's price point.  Is this new iPod Touch more valuable than the other two gaming companies current offerings?  I personally don't think so but that's because I already have an iPhone 5.

If you’re looking for a device like the iPod touch, buying this year's model is an absolute no-brainer, but I’d bet more people are going to think twice before laying out $300.

via David Pierce, The Verge

PlayStation Vita has potential by Gieson Cacho

The fact that I wasn't in line nor a first day adopter says a lot about Sony's losing appeal. No, I don't represent the masses, but if you knew me, you'd know I'm usually the first to be in line the night prior. This time around, I've skipped multiple consoles in favor of iOS devices and I'm going to sit back and wait to see how the upcoming months shape the Vita.

It's not perfect, but it can become a must-have machine. It just needs to evolve and take steps in the right direction.

via Contra Costa Times