Disney+ Redeem Now

So, after I wrote the article, I finally got my "Redeem Now" link in my D23 General (Free) Membership Account. Once again, You can find it under your account in 24 hours or less. Disney+ goes live on the 12th of November and if you must ask, I'm going to be using my Apple TV upstairs and hopefully an LG App comes out for my 2016 55" OLED C6 or maybe the Fire Stick. If not, then I have my PS4 still hooked up or maybe Apple will release a new Apple TV on September 10th along with Apple TV+ too! There goes the budget.

Sign in to D23.com > Go to MY ACCOUNT (top right menu) > Click VIEW ACCOUNT > Click REDEEM NOW

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Disney+ Offer -- Sign up now!

If you haven't signed up for Disney's D23 General Membership, you need to do it today, or at the latest tomorrow, so that you can take advantage of their current offer to save over 33%. The one caveat is that you have to prepay for 3 years. But again, you get Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + National Geographic. Do it... you're going to do it anyways.

This promotional offer of $46.99 per year, if accepted, entitles the bearer to a one-time discount of $69.00 off the regular price of a three-year subscription to Disney+ ($209.97)

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Dinuguan at Thanksgiving

On Monday’s episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Rebecca cooks a traditional Filipino dish called dinuguan to impress Josh’s family at their Thanksgiving celebration. By the time it came to filming the scene that included eating the pork blood stew, the meal looked more like carnitas than the hearty soul food it was meant to be.

“The dinuguan had been sitting on set all day in the heat, so it no longer looked accurate,” said episode writer Rene Gube. “I started thinking about whether I’d say so because the props guy was working his ass off, and if I slowed down production, we might run overtime, and it would cost thousands of dollars. But [executive producer Aline Brosh McKenna] saw my face and asked what was wrong. When I told her, she immediately stopped everything and said, ‘It’s done, we’ll fix it.’” This might be perceived as a minor course-correction in other circumstances, but for the Filipino-American actor and writer, it was proof that his bosses are committed to representing Filipino culture authentically on the CW musical comedy — the first TV series to depict Filipino-American family life, with a large Filipino cast of actors, in a single episode. “I was encouraged every step of the way to make it truthful and accurate,” Gube said. “That’s something I’ve never felt the agency to do by my previous bosses.”

A fantastic episode and more notable that Rene is getting some awesome traction. Seriously, this is what I look forward to on Thanksgiving.

Catch the clip:

JetBlue's 'Recurring Dream' Commercial

It's always nice seeing new JetBlue commercials. I wish that I was in a market to see more of them but because San Diego only has two destinations out of Lindbergh Field, I can see why the budget in this locale isn't much. Check it out though!

Love the Wi-Fi too which, if I didn't already mention, is the fastest in the Continental United States! Did I also mention that it's free!

Watch This: Westworld on HBO

This looks like a great show to add to HBO's already award-winning lineup.

Loosely based on Michael Crichton's 1973 sci fi film of the same name, Westworld is set in a theme park where robots fulfill human guests' most hedonistic desires. However, HBO president Michael Lombardo told us earlier on in the month that the series will focus on the robots this time around.

The MPAA is Evil

In other words, Jim Hood and the MPAA were out and out planning a coordinated media attack on Google using the editorial properties that supposedly claim to have editorial independence from the business side. Notice that with the WSJ piece, they flat out admit that the editorial will be based on the ideas that "we" have developed. If you work for the WSJ, your editorial independence just got shot down. Remember when CBS stepped in and interfered editorially with CNET for giving an award to Dish at the same time that CBS was in a legal fight over that same device? That resulted in reporters quitting.

The evil is within our theaters, entertainment and the media that we have helped create. They use their profits to further their agenda but I admit, that what most people do. Don't be swayed by the false news, advertising and those that have been bought out. Congrats to those that have taken a stand. Shame on everyone else working for these shameful media companies.

Put Technology Down and Love

Having two little ones in today's world, you end up relying a bit too much on technology from video monitors to the every distracting iPad for the toddler to keeping up with various news feeds. When it comes down to it, nothing beats the tenderness and physicality of touch and attention. Love this commercial!

My Solution to "UnPlugging"

I have compiled a small list of "what to get" for those wanting to "unPlug." It can seem daunting at first, but in order to stay connected to television and disconnected from the absorbently high cable bill, it's going to take a tad.

When I say tad, I mean just around $50 - $75 (more for aesthetics) for the antenna. It's going to cost a bit more if you actually want to record shows OTA (over the air) and then a little bit more in order to download them and watch them on your iPhone (which is actually pretty awesome.)

Here is the list and as always, you could help out elijahnicolas.com but using the links provided below or in my amazon store. Thanks! If anything, go with the either antenna and the Tivo Roamio first. You can get the Tivo Stream later or even if that's important at all to you.

The Tivo Roamio, Moku HD Antenna, Amazon Basic HD Antenna, & Tivo Stream are also in my Amazon Store. This makes it easier to check out all the individual links in one space. Enjoy!