The Honest Co. Men's Complete One A Day

It's been just under three years since I went "cold" turkey and stopped taking any multiple vitamin or pre-workout mixes. It's also been just about two years where I pretty much stopped working out in any form except for the occasional here and there jog to and from terminals or airplanes.

My family has been using Jessica Alba's The Honest Company, products for our daughter since birth and started over again when our son was born. We love their products and can't talk about them enough. Our kids have never had "diaper rash" or any associated reactions to wipes and it's been great having them shipped to the house. I suggest you check them out and sign up for their free "pay for shipping only" introduction package.

When they released "Men's Complete One A Day" a while back, I was interested but never pulled the trigger till now. I figured my NYC diet and commuting back and forth hasn't allotted me the convenience of a well balanced meal so this will have to provide and can provide some compensation. Today is Day 1 and I'll be taking you through my day to day experience (30 tablets at one a day) during this August month.

Zoom in for all the ingridients listed on the back of the box. I'll also list them later on in another blog post. Cheers and happy Monday!