Garmin's New Tri Watch

Even with Garmin's latest iteration in their running / triathlon sports watches 935, Apple's Watch keeps on drawing me back in.

Check out Ray Maker's "In-Depth Review". If you ask me, $499 is a little steep. For now, I'll wait for the Apple Watch 3.

San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon....CHECK

Fifty three days before my 30th birthday, I completed my first full 26.2 on Sunday participating in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. It was awesome. Signing up a couple of months ago, my wife chose to run the half (13.1) while I convinced myself that this was something I would need to do before "growing" old. If you're not interested in reading the details, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post for my Garmin data as well as the official Rock 'n' Roll Results.

Training: None...more or less absent in terms of distance. It was definitely a bad idea and not a bright one to say the least. I had planned on running at a lighter weight (165 lbs. compared to my current 180 lbs. ) and even planned out a running schedule. Those "plans" didn't take. The longest run I would have done would have been the 10 miles the previous Wednesday while using Gu once at the half way point. A couple of weeks of ago, I completed running ~16 miles on the Ragnar Relay but that was during a 24 hour period so I guess that didn't count?! Next time...(if there is another one) I will definitely train appropriately.

Day -1: Drinking lots of water, picking up Runblondie26 and her husband, hanging out at the Expo (buying my first pair of Newton Running Shoes from Ryan, buying some 2XU Calve Guards and officially signing up for the San Diego TriRock), attending a Padres game followed by some carbo loading w/ Bronx Pizza and carne asada fries. I got the gear together, set the coffee maker and went to bed early.

Day 0: Waking up w/ around 7 hours of sleep, I took a shower, dressed and got ready. Eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, drinking a can of FRS, and sipping some coffee was it for the pre race meal. Adelle, Lindsay and I walked 1.7 miles from the downtown apartment to the start line arriving a little later than originally planned but it worked out after checking in our gear bags which by the way was really quick and easy. Lining up and finding my 4:45 pace group in corral 23, I awaited the starting gun. About 30 minutes later, looking down at my heart rate monitor on my Garmin Edge 500, I noticed that my adrenaline was pumping 100 bpm. Trying to slow it down and calm was time and off we went!

The pace leader took off to a great start and I purposely lagged behind. The first four miles flew by like none other and when the fork in the road was coming up for the half marathoners to turn north, I'll admit that it did cross my mind, but on I went toward into Downtown. Running in familiar territory was exciting and easy and when I came around mile 9 onto the 163 freeway, I was feeling like a champ! I happened to run into my sister who was just approaching the four mile marker on her way to completing her first half marathon so that was nice. Now this part of the course was pretty awesome in that the marathon closed both sides of the freeways. Running under the bridges were amazing because I actually got to see and appreciate the structures. Running on the freeway was fun up until the downhill portion came up. The road was uneven and sloped towards my left causing a imbalance in my legs and ankles and it only got worse. That's when I can remember first time thinking about the hot spots and ankle pains. Finally getting back towards on Friars approaching my half way point, I once again felt like I could keep on going. Nothing was going to stop me. I was drinking and maintaining hydration along with Gu's, salt packets and FRS chews...things were dandy.

Did I forget to mention that the sun was now beating down and the heat was picking up. Passing by Rose's Donut Shop, (yes I did think about grabbing one to go) Morena Blvd. would prove to be my nemesis. Around mile 18, the walking would start. It probably started around 16 as my feet just started to feel heavy. With 10K to go, I looked down at my watch and was still on pace. Then, it happened... the pace group passed me. I found myself walking a lot more then finally getting over the bridge towards Mission Bay, I knew I was going to finish it.

Motivation was found all along the course. I ended up walking next to a guy that has been doing the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon since the inception in 1998 and was telling me that only 101 runners remained of the original 20,000. He had a pace watch and he told me that we were still good to go even if with a target of 13 minute miles. Easy right?

I just couldn't get comfortable anymore. That's the bottom line. My calves were fine (thanks 2XU), but my quads, hamstrings as well as feet were just about done. I would force myself here and then and it wasn't until right before Fiesta Island did I give it another go. I got a call from Lindsay (who ran a PR 1:36 half marathon) saying that she was waiting for me at the 5K to go mark and would run with me. That was just awesome. She met me at the beginning of Fiesta Island and off we went. Then I came to a halt. I just couldn't do that much more. I was falling far behind and next thing you know, I'm aiming for 5:30. With .2 to go, my fan group cheered me on, Lindsay broke off and I finished strong. Coming in at 5:24, I can say proudly that I finished. Taking my "official" post race picture, I witnessed a couple getting engaged which was pretty awesome. In face, the guy carried the ring w/ him the entire time while running alongside and finishing with his girlfriend. I walked at a very slow crawl grabbing my gear bag and hopped on the bus back to the trolley then over the car. Good times.

We have runbondie26 all smiles, me with a red vine in my mouth the last .2 miles and me trying to look cool like I still have energy left in me.

Post Run: Once I got home, I took a shower, changed and off we went to grab a Smash Burger. It was good but I couldn't really eat that much. My appetite wasn't all there as my stomach was full fo Gu Gel and whatever other things I was filling up with along the way. When I got home, a little post race ice cream then I crashed for an hour and half. Waking up with a massive, what it felt like hangover associated headache, I hydrated with Gatorade, another can of FRS and got ready for dinner at couples night. I put on more KT tape around my quads and around my feet, and set out. Good times!

Day +1: I woke up feeling good. Sore for sure, but better. Sleep was good, lunch was great and I'm walking again. I hear that I'm suppose to hurt a little more on day +2, but we'll see! I got some great seats for the Padre game, even got a pedicure and ate some good pizza. Yes I said pedicure. At the Padre game, on the way out, I also got a chance to shake hands and snap a photo with the Woz. Yes, the Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and who is a Padre fan through and through! Exciting weekend for sure!

A Beautiful 10K by the Bay!

After yesterday's 30 minute run on the treadmill, I felt good for another, longer run. I figured out a good route along the bay and plus, Adelle and I could enjoy some San Diego sun. Running from our apartment and finally getting on the Embarcadero, we set out at a good relaxed pace for 3.1 miles.

When we reached our turn around point, we took a quick break, then started our way back. Watching the Garmin, I noticed that Adelle and I ended up running the second half at a slightly slower pace which was a let down, but hey, we have nine weeks right?! I was able to snap this quick pic of Adelle wearing her San Diego Dodge Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Long sleeve training tech shirt and the awesome weather that we got to enjoy! Check it! I was also able to take a quick picture of the Petco Park from the new pedestrian bridge that goes from the stadium to the Hilton. Good stuff all around!

Now what stinks is the GPS readings and recordings. Compare the two maps below and you'll notice that the Garmin Edge 500 didn't "find" me right away even though it said that it captured my location and the sporadic mapping through downtown is a little off. More or less, with the data from Google Maps, my Garmin Edge 500 and my Nike+ Pedometer, I ran a solid 10K.

View Larger Map

Another Giveaway Entry for DCRainmaker

What another awesome excuse for a post. If you haven't entered before or even seen a post here on in regards to DCRainmaker's blog giveaway, check it out again. More specifically, check out the post here or just click on the picture of the Garmin 310XT below.  Ending tonight at 11:59pm Eastern, Ray Maker is giving away another Garmin 310XT. What makes his giveaways awesome is that he is actually purchases these gifts for his followers. If I start rolling into that kind of dough, I'm PROMISE, I will start doing the same. Granted his blog is amazing in terms of reviews and just overall content so I have a lot to learn. Here's to making three entries for the latest and greatest!

Race Report: Cow Harbor 2010

Once again, after the San Diego Sprint TriRock, I thought that I would jump into all the working out possible and continue on in the journey of really getting into shape. One word... FAIL. Running here and there, I know that a 5K is something I can handle but running for an entire hour???  I guess it's just a little much to train. You might be asking, why the heck am I signing up for the San Diego Rock 'N Roll Marathon? I'm all about giving it a shot. Plus it's also one of those things that I've set out to do prior to turning 30 years old. Back to the Great Cow Harbor Race of 2010 in Northport, New York on the Island of Long. This year was different. Different in that it was slated to be a special occasion.  In honor John J. Pitfick (Matthew Pitfick's father) and his brother Eric Pitfick, a plaque was placed at the start line and dedicated to the wives and family recognizing the creation of the staggered start and the ongoing support of the race. It was rather a quick blip prior to the start but I was glad that I got to be there with one of my best friends' family and take part in an event that has always had a special place in their hearts. Cow Harbor Day has actually taken a small place in my own as the town is always beautiful, the friends are great and the weekend is always filled with fun!

The results posted. Twenty-five year old Mohamed Trafeh, from Duarte, CA ran it at 29:22.7 with a mile split of 4:44. Compared with my 1:01:29.6 finish and mile split = 9:54, makes me feel a little depressed, but then again, I'm not a full time runner. My friend and mother of one, Lindsay Pitfick ran it at 46:13.5 with a 7:27 split and to think that she ran a 10K a week or two prior with baby in stroller at 48 mins?! I'm feeling rather a little underwhelmed with my finish but that's what I get for slacking off. I still have yet to break my own personal mythical 10K in under 60 minutes goal, but I will get there. I know that I will.

Starting off strong, I exerted a little too much effort on the first hill maintaining a pace that I knew would cost me in the long run. The skies cleared up and down came the hot sun as we curved around the harbor. The effort that I chose to keep did me in and with my handy dandy TriRock Sweatband Cap, I felt a heat on my head and body that I have never felt before. I was inundated with a headache, a steam of water evaporating from my uncut hair and my body just not feeling the high that I feed off of. There were times when I felt strong and the end was definitely there but when it counted, the last hill did me in. I walked a little bit here and there but ran through the finish all smilies. I can recount a time when I looked down at my Garmin and said to myself, I can do this and run the last KM, but I succomb to heat. I wish that I could have measured my internal body temperature because, like I've already mentioned, I was definitely overheating. Exhaustion or something, it definitely wasn't a good feeling but it was definitely good times at the finish with friends.

When I finished, I hurried to the tables and revitalized myself with Zico Coconut water and other goodies that were given out by the caseloads such as protien bars, shakes, water but I cannot say that I indulged in the free post race beer this year.

Free Giveaways via Comments (via @dcrainmakerblog)

Click here or here directly to enter for a free Garmin Forerunner 110 from DCRainmaker! I've been reading his reviews and it was because of him that I bought the Garmin 500 setup w/ the Premium HR monitor and cadence sensor for my 2009 Specialized Roubaix Expert. I'm loving it!

I love free stuff but even more so when I win 'em! Stay tuned at for a comment giveaway coming up in the next few weeks!

By the way, a friend of mine, Ryan Espiritu, setup a new blog documenting his journey in training for multiple marathons. Awesomely titled "Marathonin', Like Pimpin', Ain't Easy. My Pursuit of (running) Happiness" Check it out here:

Cycling & Getting My Butt Kicked!

It's been a little while since I rode ~40 miles.  Most of my latest riding adventures added up to just shy of 15 miles around the local neighborhood with an effort level of 7.  Reason being is that I've been trying to concentrate on my cadence more so than my mile time, but I thought I would kick it up a notch the past Friday, July 10th.  My overall route covered the 56 Freeway Cycling Path up the coast and back. Pretty basic ride but it definitely has some long climbs throughout the the mix.  By the time I was heading back home on the 56 climb, I was beat...I mean BEAT!  My uncle beat me to the top by about 15 minutes and I was going nowhere averaging about a 6.5 mph climb.  My Gatorade was exhausted, the FRS that I bought at B&L Solana Beach had already run through my body's veins and the water that was remaining in my bottles were warming up to the noon time heat.

I definitely need to pick it up a bit, but with my irregular dieting, irregular flight / workout schedule, it's hard to get that basic rhythm down.  Here are pictures from the ride.



Another beautiful view of our turn-around point

A view of some easy going beach go-ers enjoying the SD weather!

The jersey was cheap and I like the argyle!

My uncle showing who's the boss...he beat me fair and square

My view about 90% of the time... riding behind him letting him "lead the way"

I'm riding while taking most of these pics...I'm about 8/10 dead here in this photo

open road for miles...I think I only have about 5 left but I wanted to use this Call Box bad!

I'm almost more steady climb. Black Mtn Rd is only 1 mile away!

My awesome cycling tan... I'm about twice as dark on all my ligaments now =)

after a banana and these snacks...I'm off for some Korean BBQ to fill my nutritional void!