Michael Novak, Catholic Scholar Who Championed Capitalism, Dies at 83

“Capitalism forms morally better people than socialism does,” Mr. Novak said in a 2007 interview with Crisis, a magazine he and the scholar Ralph McInerny founded in 1982. “Capitalism teaches people to show initiative and imagination, to work cooperatively in teams, to love and to cherish the law; what is more, it forces persons not only to rely on themselves and their own moral qualities, but also to recognize those moral qualities in others and to cooperate with others freely.”

Publishing "Writing From Left to Right: My Journey From Liberal to Conservative" in 2013, Michael Novak creates various arguments and guides you through his many years in politics and education as well as his time in the Catholic seminary.

Up next on my reading list.

Not Worth the $200 Premium

Still, those upgrades don't feel worth $290 for a device that doesn't perform its sole function any better than one more than half the price. In that context, the Oasis is meant to be the first desirable e-reader, marketed with its visual and tactile appeal instead of with its functional role in our lives. It’s appealing to customers who want a digital reading experience to feel more like a holding a well-crafted book and are willing to pay a premium for it.

My thoughts exactly. Looking at the reviews, the Kindle Voyage has half the amount of reviews of the Paperwhite and a quarter of the Paperwhite and Basic combined. Maybe I'll just add my own little "spine" invoking plate to my current Kindle for that "Oasis" feel.

The NEW Kindle Paperwhite is the One to Buy!

I spent much of the past week repeatedly forgetting that I was supposed to evaluate the Paperwhite as a gadget. Whether I was reading Paula Hawkins’ “The Girl on the Train” while sitting by the pool or lying in bed with the lights off, the hardware simply disappeared, leaving me alone with the words on the page.

Most of the technology that enables that is in the new 6-inch E Ink touchscreen, which now has the same high-resolution 300 pixels per inch as Amazon’s elite $200 Kindle Voyage.

This is what reading on a device should be. And at $119 with special offers count me in!


"Discard Any Clothing That No Longer Sparks Joy"

From The New Yorkers' "Shopping at Anthropologies with Marie Kondo.

Discard any clothing that no longer sparks joy.

Passing a display of denim jeans and dark-blue chambray shirts, Kondo touched almost nothing. She said that she rarely wears pants because several years ago they stopped bringing her joy.

Maybe we’ll start seeing a decline in the shopping habits of women? Ya… right… A husband can wish ^_^

I'm currently finishing up her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing on my Kindle and I'll admit, I'm SUPER inspiried. Only 50% in, I'm giving this book a 10 our of 10! Go grab yourself a copy and tell me what you think.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Version 2

Looks like Amazon's own leak led to the early unveiling of the next generation Paperwhite.  Being dubbed as version 2, Amazon's best e-reader & in my opinion, the best way to consume ebooks is out for preorder today!  Click on the picture or use my link below to get yours shipped on or by September 30th! Here's the quick run down:

  • higher contrast
  • next generation built-in light
  • 25% faster processor
  • 19% tighter touch grid enhancing accuracy

Is it worth the upgrade?  I'll be honest that these features alone won't cause me to sell my version 1 on craigslist just yet but if the light is indeed that much better, you can count on it!


Amazon Paperwhite (next gen)

An E-Reader That I Use

I get a lot of questions on what tablet I use / prefer (iPad Mini) and if I still carry an e-reader when I travel.  I do and I'll tell you why. To put it simply, my daughter has taken over my Mini.  Some other quick thoughts are that the Kindle Paperwhite is lighter than the Mini 95 grams, the front light is amazing, the resolution is crisp, and lets not forget about the amazing ecosystem than Amazon has established.

I've never enjoyed reading on the iPad unless it's a news article or a magazine through Flipboard.  I also end up getting distracted by all the applications that are on the iOS ecosystem.  When I want to read a book and dive into it, I'm still in enamored by my Kindle.  In fact, my wife prefers it too!

Kindle Paperwhite is...

When Amazon first debuted the new Kindle Paperwhite, I wasn't so sure about the name. Silly I know, but at $119, there's not too much to complain about except for the lack of audio out for text to speech and the reduced size of available memory (4GB down to 2GB). Nonetheless, even Barnes and Nobles had to lower the price of their lighted black and white e-reader. It's just that good. Not to mention the amazing ecosystem especially their Lending Llibrary available to those that subscribe to Amazon Prime.

When it comes down to it, Amazon at least has the naming scheme down; Kindle Paperwhite vs. Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. TKO Amazon!

Here are a couple of grabs from reviews posted throughout the blog circuit.

It's the stealth bomber version of the Kindle you know. - Gizmodo

I found myself turning on the light regularly, at various levels of brightness, not just at night. It just makes the Kindle that much more usable and convenient: On a dim subway or in a badly lit room, you can read comfortably. - GigaOM

Joshua Topolsky posted a thorough review on The Verge. Here are a few quotes I came away with.

The device is incredibly comfortable in hand.

It may be the most comfortable e-reader I've ever used.

In my opinion, it's one of the best E Ink displays on the market, and might possibly be the best thanks to that new lighting.

And here's CNN on the Paperwhite:

Kindle Paperwhite is king of e-readers

The one thing I won't be doing on it though is reading comic books. I'm eagerly waiting for mine being delivered this morning and will have an unboxing and review of my own later this week!

Surfing the Pages of a Real Book

Since the recent onslaught of Amazon's (and yes, Barnes and Nobles) inexpensive e-readers, e-book sales have exploded overtaking print sales. Over the past year, I find myself in constant dilemma about whether or not I'm ready to go full electronic. I still like the idea of a bookshelf displaying my collection and the physical sharing aspects of a hardback.

This artfully produced video by Salon Alpin depicts how beautiful page surfing really is. Of course, this only adds to my dilemma which I can assume I share with many others. Have you gone full electronic?

Much Better Now from Salon Alpin on Vimeo.