Revenge of the Chargers' Fans

“God, I am so glad I no longer root for the Chargers,” tweeted Justin Halpern, the former San Diegan behind the “Sh*t My Dad Says” books and Twitter feed. “That was like watching your ex throw up on the dance floor at a party and knowing that’s no longer your problem.”

Probably the best descriptor of how I feel about this season or lack thereof. If she turns into the prom queen a few years from now, great, but if not, it'll continue to be business as usual. Go 1904FC and Soccer City!

Amazon Same-Day Delivery in San Diego!

Including my native San Diego and 14 other metro areas, Amazon Same-Day Delivery is launching FREE as part of Amazon's ongoing expansion of their Prime Services. Order by noon, and get your package (as long as it's over $35.00) by 9pm local! I'm already reaping the rewards of being a Prime Member with binge watching their shows and free 2-day shipping so do it and take advantage of it too!

Carpet Cleaning? Use SoCal Steam Clean

SoCal Steam Clean San Diego rocks! One of the best services that I found on Yelp! not to mention, friendly, organized, meticulous, and detail oriented. Check out my full Yelp! review.

Justin has some of the best top-notch equipment in the business. The chemicals that he uses are perfect; environmentally friendly and non-toxic. He mentioned all this to reassure me and my 18th month old that I have crawling all around that it'd be a-okay. I moved a lot of the furniture and trinkets on the floors prior to him coming over and he did the rest. I can't keep mentioning that he was well-organized. He called me the morning of to confirm the appointment and was even a few minutes early to the house.

SoCal Steam Clean

Greg Laswell for Under 10,000 feet

Since all the hoopla with the ability to now listen, play, and read your iPad, iPhone, Kindle or any other portable electronic device, I've been turning my ear to musician and artist Greg Laswell. Just last night, a friend of mine upped his stock and recommended that I buy ALL his albums. I figured that I'd do the same and pass it along, with this post. We'll call this the beginning of Thursday Tunes. Download Three Flights from Alto Nido to start. You might have heard of him already as his most popular track, Comes and Goes (In Waves), and a few others have been featured in various television shows. A rather popular track "Off I Go" from Take a Bow, will hit all you Grey's Anatomy fans as the theme for when George O'Malley leaves at the end of season 5. tear

The music is perfect and so soo good but while we're at it, it's also about supporting a native San Diegan!

Three flights from alto nido

San Diego and Attractive People

San Diego in another top ten. This time its for "Most Attractive" and I'll take the number two ranking. Miami is number one but I won't start an argument here. If you know me, you already know how I feel about the city. Of course, there's always the beach which just adds to the awesomeness!

Tastemade-ing on Anniversary at Underbelly

Adelle and I decided to keep it fancy but simple. She knew that I loved ramen so we headed down to Little Italy to enjoy Underbelly. While there, I decided that we could make a quick Tastemade video. It's the first of many and we're just learning the trade. Check it out!

Underbelly Tastemade

Coffee in San Diego

It's exciting when San Diego makes it into the top ten of anything and this time my beautiful home town squeaked into the top ten best coffee cities in America.  This of course comes without surprise that the Travel and Leisure article mentions Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. darkhorsecoffee

While you're here, I also wanted to add Dark Horse Coffee Roasters to the mix.  Just a few days ago, I was able to take a trip down to Daniel's lovely shop where he was roasting on site.  Let me tell you, the smell was intoxicating!  I ordered a satisfying cold brew which was steeped 24 hours in a Toddy.  If I didn't come off a mile walk, I would have easily gone for a hot cup where they use a Bee House Coffee Drip for their pour overs.  Come check it out and grab a cup!

via Travel And Leisure

Getting out there

I'm been stuck running on treadmills for the last couple of weeks but fortunately, I was able to get out there and do a lap around Miramar Lake. I donned my SunRype running shorts for the first time and they felt awesome! I should have taken a picture. After recording an 8" mile for the first one of five, my neck cramped up??? Yah, it's a first and I still feel a slight strain on it. Hopefully it gets better but it must be associated with all the time commuting and / or flying back and forth huh? I'll admit my posture isn't the best when stuck in a middle seat of a Delta 757 or the jumpseat with your legs dangling.

It was a hot day to run being that I chose to start at noon but it was good times being out in the sun. It's less than a month till the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon so it's time to up my game! Excluding all the flying I'll be doing the next few weeks, hopefully I'll have the energy to squeeze in some long treadmills sessions. Oh the glamorous life of a pilot. :/