PSA: If You Like Music, Don't Fall for Beats Headphones

A detailed teardown (via PopMech) of a pair of Beats’ immensely popular Solo headphones conducted by hardware-focused venture capital firm Bolt has some answers buried beneath. The headphones are incredibly cheaply made. The company cuts corners everywhere it can; gluing pieces together instead of using screws, and reducing the amount of tooling wherever possible. Amazingly, for all the company’s claims about precision sound design, the headphones use freaking off-the-shelf drivers!

As if this wasn't reason enough?! I still can't believe that Apple was tricked into buying such a shitty product! And yes, I Have tested and spent spent $399 on their Stuido Pro but promptly returned them one hour later. Trash!

Do yourself a favor and go with some Grados. The best $100 on headphones you can spend are on the Prestige Series SR80e.

Also of not, their "award winning" Beats Solo are essentially filled with extra metal for added weight to trick you into thinking they are substantial.

Need New Tunes? Discover Some Every Monday at Noon Pacific

A great new music site that I just discovered released a new iOS app for only $1.99. If you're like me and love discovering new music and tunes to listen to, check it out! You can always subscribe via e-mail to Noon Pacific and have that awesome playlist sent to you every week. Either way, since I travel quite a bit, bringing them with me on my iPhone is the way to go. It's more of a chill vibe that's totally reinvigorating me in writing more!

Noon Pacific is a great way to find new music to listen to, and while the playlists are hosted on 8Tracks (and you can always use their app and follow them), the Noon Pacific app packages them up nicely, lets you play each weekly playlist one right after the other, shows you which songs are playing, and lets you scroll back through all of the past playlists easily. It's a universal app as well, and the iPad version looks good on its large screen.

Built and curated by Clark Dinnison every week for your listening enjoyment. Better than Beats Music in my mind.

Noon Pacific iOS

via LifeHacker

Greg Laswell for Under 10,000 feet

Since all the hoopla with the ability to now listen, play, and read your iPad, iPhone, Kindle or any other portable electronic device, I've been turning my ear to musician and artist Greg Laswell. Just last night, a friend of mine upped his stock and recommended that I buy ALL his albums. I figured that I'd do the same and pass it along, with this post. We'll call this the beginning of Thursday Tunes. Download Three Flights from Alto Nido to start. You might have heard of him already as his most popular track, Comes and Goes (In Waves), and a few others have been featured in various television shows. A rather popular track "Off I Go" from Take a Bow, will hit all you Grey's Anatomy fans as the theme for when George O'Malley leaves at the end of season 5. tear

The music is perfect and so soo good but while we're at it, it's also about supporting a native San Diegan!

Three flights from alto nido