Need New Tunes? Discover Some Every Monday at Noon Pacific

A great new music site that I just discovered released a new iOS app for only $1.99. If you're like me and love discovering new music and tunes to listen to, check it out! You can always subscribe via e-mail to Noon Pacific and have that awesome playlist sent to you every week. Either way, since I travel quite a bit, bringing them with me on my iPhone is the way to go. It's more of a chill vibe that's totally reinvigorating me in writing more!

Noon Pacific is a great way to find new music to listen to, and while the playlists are hosted on 8Tracks (and you can always use their app and follow them), the Noon Pacific app packages them up nicely, lets you play each weekly playlist one right after the other, shows you which songs are playing, and lets you scroll back through all of the past playlists easily. It's a universal app as well, and the iPad version looks good on its large screen.

Built and curated by Clark Dinnison every week for your listening enjoyment. Better than Beats Music in my mind.

Noon Pacific iOS

via LifeHacker

Flight of the Conchords - Two Free Songs / 1400 Wake-Up to Shaved Head =(

Two of the funniest songs from New Zealand's underground indie/rock band, Flight of the Conchords, are being made available for FREE. Made famous by their HBO show, get it today while you can off of CNET's Free Music MP3 Downloads website. There are actually two songs available: Ladies of the World and Business Time. Both are hilarious tunes to listen to while just relaxing and hanging out. Oh yeah, I also went to bed early last night and with little interruption didn't get out of bed till 1400. I have no idea what I was on (water and some awesome Indian food) but I passed out! I'm finally up and about, but now I'm all behind on my chores and errands. Maybe it's because of my new haircut and my subconscious thought that by getting more sleep that it would grow faster? I don't know, but just maybe huh? Of course I barely had time to write this up, so, just follow up on the top with updates from Twitter or to the side link to trelijah for instant pictorial gratification. Here is an awesome music video too to accompany the Ladies of the World MP3.

Direct Link for Flight of the Conchords