Ballast Point Acquired for $1B by Corona / Modello

Constellation Brands is officially entering the craft beer category, and in a big way. The Corona and Modelo maker today announced it would acquire San Diego’s Ballast Point Brewing for a whopping $1 Billion.

San Diego's Craft Beer Companys are being targeted left and right to no surprise. Congratulations on the newly minted billionaire club owners. Alesmith is next I take it.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

To celebrate my birthday this year, my wife got together an excellent soju paired karaoke birthday dinner, followed by an amazing cake and drinks on Sunday. Then on Monday, I prepared and cooked 6 bacon wrapped filet mignons for a family dinner and along with leftover cake.  Then last night, on my real birthday, I prepared some awesome hamburger patties and had them protein style. 

I couldn't be happier and more thankful! I've usually been gone on a trip the past few years celebrating on the road but this was the best! Thirty three was spectacular and thirty four is going to be that much more special! Thanks everyone for all the special birthday wishes and greetings throughout Facebook and twitter. 

Got some cool and thoughtful birthday gifts this year and I'll be posting pictures along with reviews. Here's one of my favorites from my two of daughter's godmothers: A medicine bottle of Dark Horse's Cold Brew and a bag o beans. I encourage and invite you to come over for a Hario V60 pourover, Espro Press, Aeropress, or even a Blue Bottle / Joey Roth collab Moka Pot. My daughter's wonderful third godmother also gave me an awesome present but that photo I'm saving for a review of Ballast Point *hint* =) Thanks again ladies and to everyone else. You will get thanked here sooner or later.