Three times in a week: Miramar Lake

I've upped my "training" a notch and have actually been putting on some miles on my Newtons! In preparation for the Miami Beach Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in December, I've been waking up early and running around the local lake. I'm definitely a sore and probably should be stretching out more. Here's my latest run where I've actually achieved two miles pacing ~9 mins each! That's fast for me. Of course I tapered out but still came in at under 50 minutes for 5 miles! Today is going to be a 10-miler! I'm just not sure if I want to run around the lake twice or come up with a random run around the neighborhood.

A Beautiful 10K by the Bay!

After yesterday's 30 minute run on the treadmill, I felt good for another, longer run. I figured out a good route along the bay and plus, Adelle and I could enjoy some San Diego sun. Running from our apartment and finally getting on the Embarcadero, we set out at a good relaxed pace for 3.1 miles.

When we reached our turn around point, we took a quick break, then started our way back. Watching the Garmin, I noticed that Adelle and I ended up running the second half at a slightly slower pace which was a let down, but hey, we have nine weeks right?! I was able to snap this quick pic of Adelle wearing her San Diego Dodge Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Long sleeve training tech shirt and the awesome weather that we got to enjoy! Check it! I was also able to take a quick picture of the Petco Park from the new pedestrian bridge that goes from the stadium to the Hilton. Good stuff all around!

Now what stinks is the GPS readings and recordings. Compare the two maps below and you'll notice that the Garmin Edge 500 didn't "find" me right away even though it said that it captured my location and the sporadic mapping through downtown is a little off. More or less, with the data from Google Maps, my Garmin Edge 500 and my Nike+ Pedometer, I ran a solid 10K.

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