A 10K before a 10K

Waking up albeit late in the morning, I thought to myself, "Why not go running outside on a nice San Diego Winter's Day?"  Of course, after eating a great breakfast of pancakes, eggs & rice + fruit, and an hour of digesting, we went out around noon for the usual Miramar Lake Loop.  I wanted to make it an easy 10K so I did an out and back here and there rounding it off to 6.5 miles.

It's always a pleasure to have my wife Adelle run with me and truthfully, I was only expecting her to run 1-3 miles but after jogging two solid 11 min/ mile, she decided to keep on trucking. I ran ahead of her and then turned back in order to catch up with her then went ahead again. This was my way of reaching my 10K goal prior to this Sunday's Cardiff Kook 10K and I did it. It was hot, I felt okay, but for the first time in a long time, my ankles were feeling loose. I'm taking a breather today, mostly stretching but I'm excited and can't wait for this season's first 10K. As always, I'm going for under 60 minutes. If I get near 55, I'll be in heaven!

2012 Lake Hodges 5K Trail Run Race Report

Since 2010, the Sun Strides Foundation has been continually expanding their Trail Run Series. The start of the series begins with a 5K out and back course at Lake Hodges in Escondido, California. This year, the Trail Run Series consists of three runs: a 5K, 7K ending with a 10K. If you're not familiar with their mission statement, here it is -- "To provide sustainable energy solutions for people with limited resources throughout the developing world." Pre Race: Friday was a long day and was extended into the early morning hours resulting in a total of two hours of sleep. I didn't feel rested but at the same time, the motivation was ever presernt. Lien Vo chose to run and of course, it was Ryan Espiritu who said I should do it. I didn't know about this series or the Lake Hodges 5K until the Friday the day before so I thought, why not? No training (my usual enemy) and spontaneity suits me best so, once again, why not? I woke up to an early alarm and text that Lien was at the house already and I got going. Putting on my 2XU Men's Elite Compression Tights paired with their Men's Active Run Top MR1810A, I felt good. I chose to wear my Asics GT-2150s because I didn't think my Newton's would perform so well on the trail. I'm still not sure if that was a good idea or not. I stopped by Starbucks for a bagel and coffee, drank an FRS, registered and waited until the start.

Race Course: I didn't expect the hills, nor did I expect that many loose rocks so of course, along the way, my ankles continued to roll on me but overall I felt great. Not a 10 by any means, but I did clock my first mile at 8:48! The average temperature was a hot 78F by the time the race started and the sun present and in summer's strength. It felg good indeed! After that first mile, my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest and that's when my body yelled, "YOU SLEPT 2 HOURS!"

I did finish under 30 minutes clocking 29:59 with their Road I.D. chip timing but the course did fall short at 3.0 miles. All in all, I felt okay but I'm more than determined now to get my 5K on!

Avg Moving Pace - 9:52 min/mi Avg HR - 171 bpm Avg Temp - 78.8F

P.S. I will have the Miami Rock 'n' Roll and Ragnar Florida Keys up soon. I promise!

A Beautiful 10K by the Bay!

After yesterday's 30 minute run on the treadmill, I felt good for another, longer run. I figured out a good route along the bay and plus, Adelle and I could enjoy some San Diego sun. Running from our apartment and finally getting on the Embarcadero, we set out at a good relaxed pace for 3.1 miles.

When we reached our turn around point, we took a quick break, then started our way back. Watching the Garmin, I noticed that Adelle and I ended up running the second half at a slightly slower pace which was a let down, but hey, we have nine weeks right?! I was able to snap this quick pic of Adelle wearing her San Diego Dodge Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Long sleeve training tech shirt and the awesome weather that we got to enjoy! Check it! I was also able to take a quick picture of the Petco Park from the new pedestrian bridge that goes from the stadium to the Hilton. Good stuff all around!

Now what stinks is the GPS readings and recordings. Compare the two maps below and you'll notice that the Garmin Edge 500 didn't "find" me right away even though it said that it captured my location and the sporadic mapping through downtown is a little off. More or less, with the data from Google Maps, my Garmin Edge 500 and my Nike+ Pedometer, I ran a solid 10K.

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It's March!!!

Feels like March came rather quickly this year and with that, it's always a good excuse to update and tell you what's been going on.  This year, I've been motivated more than ever to to finally get into shape.  It has, maybe a little to do with me turning the big three-oh, but I've noticed the fact that my metabolism, eating habits and general lifestyle is slowing down, getting worse and rapidly evolving when it comes to priorities. I have officially signed up for the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon on June 5th and the Tour de Cure San Diego Century Ride which takes place just one month earlier  on May 7, 2011.  I can't say that I've officially setup my fundraising website for the Tour de Cure but I will have it up and running in the next few days.  I promise.

Competitor San Diego just updated, revised and released the official race route for this year's marathon (PDF) and included an elevation map too!  As you can see, there's a good climb / gradient starting at mile seven which, if you think about it, after you've finished the uphill battle, could reinvigorate you signaling that you're awesome done!  I can assure you that's the way I'll be thinking about it.



Thinking about other races, I'm seriously considering the Carlsbad 5K where I'm aiming for the All Day 25K (Five 5K) Challenge. I'm in it really just for the medal but I guess by Sunday April 3rd, I'll already be within 60 days of the full marathon so running a half should be alright right?  I even get breaks here and there between each 5K!  I'll know how I feel about it after today when I run Miramar Lake for the first time.  If I can do it without bonking out, I should be alright.

I'm also thinking about Bay to Breakers 2011 being the 100th anniversary on May 15th.  It's calmed down considerably with the removal and strict policy of no alcohol, but hey, it's a family deal right?  Should be safer and cleaner and... they also have a medal!  A 12K race isn't that bad right?  Who wants in on this one?!  With that, I better get back to my other job at adellelijah.com.

I still haven't done any official swim lesions so until I feel comfortable swimming 1500 meters, I will be holding off on the decision to race San Diego TriRock Olympic distance.


Race Report: Cow Harbor 2010

Once again, after the San Diego Sprint TriRock, I thought that I would jump into all the working out possible and continue on in the journey of really getting into shape. One word... FAIL. Running here and there, I know that a 5K is something I can handle but running for an entire hour???  I guess it's just a little much to train. You might be asking, why the heck am I signing up for the San Diego Rock 'N Roll Marathon? I'm all about giving it a shot. Plus it's also one of those things that I've set out to do prior to turning 30 years old. Back to the Great Cow Harbor Race of 2010 in Northport, New York on the Island of Long. This year was different. Different in that it was slated to be a special occasion.  In honor John J. Pitfick (Matthew Pitfick's father) and his brother Eric Pitfick, a plaque was placed at the start line and dedicated to the wives and family recognizing the creation of the staggered start and the ongoing support of the race. It was rather a quick blip prior to the start but I was glad that I got to be there with one of my best friends' family and take part in an event that has always had a special place in their hearts. Cow Harbor Day has actually taken a small place in my own as the town is always beautiful, the friends are great and the weekend is always filled with fun!

The results posted. Twenty-five year old Mohamed Trafeh, from Duarte, CA ran it at 29:22.7 with a mile split of 4:44. Compared with my 1:01:29.6 finish and mile split = 9:54, makes me feel a little depressed, but then again, I'm not a full time runner. My friend and mother of one, Lindsay Pitfick ran it at 46:13.5 with a 7:27 split and to think that she ran a 10K a week or two prior with baby in stroller at 48 mins?! I'm feeling rather a little underwhelmed with my finish but that's what I get for slacking off. I still have yet to break my own personal mythical 10K in under 60 minutes goal, but I will get there. I know that I will.

Starting off strong, I exerted a little too much effort on the first hill maintaining a pace that I knew would cost me in the long run. The skies cleared up and down came the hot sun as we curved around the harbor. The effort that I chose to keep did me in and with my handy dandy TriRock Sweatband Cap, I felt a heat on my head and body that I have never felt before. I was inundated with a headache, a steam of water evaporating from my uncut hair and my body just not feeling the high that I feed off of. There were times when I felt strong and the end was definitely there but when it counted, the last hill did me in. I walked a little bit here and there but ran through the finish all smilies. I can recount a time when I looked down at my Garmin and said to myself, I can do this and run the last KM, but I succomb to heat. I wish that I could have measured my internal body temperature because, like I've already mentioned, I was definitely overheating. Exhaustion or something, it definitely wasn't a good feeling but it was definitely good times at the finish with friends.

When I finished, I hurried to the tables and revitalized myself with Zico Coconut water and other goodies that were given out by the caseloads such as protien bars, shakes, water but I cannot say that I indulged in the free post race beer this year.