2012 Lake Hodges 5K Trail Run Race Report

Since 2010, the Sun Strides Foundation has been continually expanding their Trail Run Series. The start of the series begins with a 5K out and back course at Lake Hodges in Escondido, California. This year, the Trail Run Series consists of three runs: a 5K, 7K ending with a 10K. If you're not familiar with their mission statement, here it is -- "To provide sustainable energy solutions for people with limited resources throughout the developing world." Pre Race: Friday was a long day and was extended into the early morning hours resulting in a total of two hours of sleep. I didn't feel rested but at the same time, the motivation was ever presernt. Lien Vo chose to run and of course, it was Ryan Espiritu who said I should do it. I didn't know about this series or the Lake Hodges 5K until the Friday the day before so I thought, why not? No training (my usual enemy) and spontaneity suits me best so, once again, why not? I woke up to an early alarm and text that Lien was at the house already and I got going. Putting on my 2XU Men's Elite Compression Tights paired with their Men's Active Run Top MR1810A, I felt good. I chose to wear my Asics GT-2150s because I didn't think my Newton's would perform so well on the trail. I'm still not sure if that was a good idea or not. I stopped by Starbucks for a bagel and coffee, drank an FRS, registered and waited until the start.

Race Course: I didn't expect the hills, nor did I expect that many loose rocks so of course, along the way, my ankles continued to roll on me but overall I felt great. Not a 10 by any means, but I did clock my first mile at 8:48! The average temperature was a hot 78F by the time the race started and the sun present and in summer's strength. It felg good indeed! After that first mile, my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest and that's when my body yelled, "YOU SLEPT 2 HOURS!"

I did finish under 30 minutes clocking 29:59 with their Road I.D. chip timing but the course did fall short at 3.0 miles. All in all, I felt okay but I'm more than determined now to get my 5K on!

Avg Moving Pace - 9:52 min/mi Avg HR - 171 bpm Avg Temp - 78.8F

P.S. I will have the Miami Rock 'n' Roll and Ragnar Florida Keys up soon. I promise!