Cycling & Getting My Butt Kicked!

It's been a little while since I rode ~40 miles.  Most of my latest riding adventures added up to just shy of 15 miles around the local neighborhood with an effort level of 7.  Reason being is that I've been trying to concentrate on my cadence more so than my mile time, but I thought I would kick it up a notch the past Friday, July 10th.  My overall route covered the 56 Freeway Cycling Path up the coast and back. Pretty basic ride but it definitely has some long climbs throughout the the mix.  By the time I was heading back home on the 56 climb, I was beat...I mean BEAT!  My uncle beat me to the top by about 15 minutes and I was going nowhere averaging about a 6.5 mph climb.  My Gatorade was exhausted, the FRS that I bought at B&L Solana Beach had already run through my body's veins and the water that was remaining in my bottles were warming up to the noon time heat.

I definitely need to pick it up a bit, but with my irregular dieting, irregular flight / workout schedule, it's hard to get that basic rhythm down.  Here are pictures from the ride.



Another beautiful view of our turn-around point

A view of some easy going beach go-ers enjoying the SD weather!

The jersey was cheap and I like the argyle!

My uncle showing who's the boss...he beat me fair and square

My view about 90% of the time... riding behind him letting him "lead the way"

I'm riding while taking most of these pics...I'm about 8/10 dead here in this photo

open road for miles...I think I only have about 5 left but I wanted to use this Call Box bad!

I'm almost more steady climb. Black Mtn Rd is only 1 mile away!

My awesome cycling tan... I'm about twice as dark on all my ligaments now =)

after a banana and these snacks...I'm off for some Korean BBQ to fill my nutritional void!