...to resist temptation

I'm not sure if you noticed yet, but as the blog is entitled "the battle," I'm going to try to make each entry somewhat related by completing the thought in the title. e.g.: the battle to resist temptation

Walking around the mall today with Adelle, I'm come to realize that my shopping habits have greatly been modified with me starring at prices over $19.99 for a shirt or pair of pants and just dropping my jaw. Finally, after many years of being a brand whore (still am for quality though), it's amazing how much you can actually spend on just a couple of items. I think that I am set in my wardrobe for quite a while as a lot of my close friends have told me. I still lack a couple essential items such as multiple pairs of khaki pants, a pair of black slacks (shocking huh), some deep colored jeans and a light pair. Back to prices, Lacoste sells polos for $76.00!!! That's awesome that they last that long, but my Gap ones lasted just as long and look good after the wash fade. Lacoste, not so much but rather, they look like they came out of my dad's closet. So, as this blog is titled, I'm resisting the temptation to buy outrageous priced items as long as I know that I have something already available to me at home or somewhere in my homes (San Diego or Florida), or the basic fact that I probably don't need it.

I did spend some money though, but it was on a long sought for pea coat. Over the last few months or maybe even years, I've been trying to find something that wouldn't make me look like a midget, a man wearing a dress and just feel good after I put it on. Every department store in the US is having a blowout sale of winter coats, and after looking online, I finally headed to the mall to purchase one. Banana Republic had a good one that was $50 off the original $198, but it looked like a mini black dress when I put it on. Macy's had a couple but they didn't finish right. But Gap actually had one that when I put it on, it felt right. I did take about 30 minutes of taking it on and off to finally just decide to get it. I couldn't make the impulse buy because of my recent monetary complications and setbacks. It was meant to be though. It rained for a good portion of the day which probably swayed my decision to finally just drop some cash on one and the fact that I have been wearing a particular black waist high jacket for years, I needed to mix it up a bit. The Gap coast was priced at $148 down to $99.99. Then at the counter, it rang up as $79.99 and the manager gave me a 10% damage discount for the thread that was hanging out all over some of the seems. Basically, the damage to it was some thread was left over in the seems. Nothing much, but hey, I got the extra money off! It was at a very reasonable price and its going to be the last purchase for a while.

I've been updating the trelijah blog quite a bit lately. You should definitely stay up to date on that if you dislike reading.