...to resist the contagious laughing syndrome

Today's itinerary included waking up early and heading out to see some of the sights in the city. We first headed to the Georgia Aquarium. That was rather cool at first, but it was more of a little playground than anything else. I have seen better pet shops really that were more entertaining than this! Even Sea World beat the show hands down, no question. I'm not sure if I just wasn't feeling it, but I can't say that I would hit it up again anytime in the near future.

The CNN Center was really cool! No, I'm not some extreme leftist or anything, but the fact that it was fascinating was awesome. I didn't really want to see it because it was CNN, but rather because I wanted to know what happened behind the scenes and that's exactly what happened. It's really cool what goes on inside it all and seeing the live broadcasts being taped and how there were no actual camera men in front of the news anchors but instead joystick-controlled ones were amazing. One news anchor even used a foot pedal for controlling the speed of the teleprompter while using a clicker to change stories or whatever. They control their own taping!

At the very end of the tour, we had a chance to purchase a recording of ourselves in the Headlines Newsroom Mockup and my two friends did just that. They got to have a DVD created for them and I upped it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I'm probably going to have to edit it because it is too long (4:29 minutes) but the end is good. I didn't get to record one, but I will one of these days. Enjoy! Overall, I was pleased with the day. Watch the video till the end!