to ride along in the air

I just found out today, by testing it out for myself, that I was able to list myself on Delta's system. The next obstacle would be to find out what fares I need to pay for and to find out whether or not I can actually use this system. Supposedly because I was able to go through with it, it should be okay! I even found it on my itinerary under It's going to be an interesting day today.

I did well on the System Final today. We had a great "review" prior to taking the test which helped out a bit but I ended up still averaging a 98%. Can't do anything about it anymore. I'm just looking forward to actually putting my knowledge to the test and practicing all the flows. This is when the fun begins! I can't hardly wait, but the amount of more studying to do is going to be a handful.

My friend at another airline took some good pictures today. You should check them out at He's been good at updating his site every other day. I also have another friend from ASA who is working on his website. You can find that here. It's a work in progress, but I'm sure that it's going to turn into something awesome!