of working slowly

The homework that we were assigned tonight consisted of completing 2 weight and balance cards complete with reading the dispatch, cargo load manifest and TLR. It really isn't that trivial and doing it over and over again will definitely make things easier, but I have to admit that I find myself sometimes adding here or subtracting even though I was suppose to do the opposite computation. I just have to slow down and make sure that I think more about it and work it out slowly. I enjoy doing them but just get frustrated when I miss a computation.

I had some Smokey Bones again tonight for dinner and Wendy's for lunch. I can't say that I've been saving my money but this hotel food thing is just getting to me. I'll try to be good.

I'm so proud of Adelle because she is helping me out in booking a flight back home this weekend and is on top of the new Delta Phone Travel Phone System. I love it when she takes charge of things. It definitely impresses me a lot! I love you sweetie.

My Scott Leather Jumbo Flight Bag came in today and it's freaking awesome! It smells so good and the work is just too perfect. Thanks a lot Dianna Taylor for fulfilling the no logo customization. I was surprised when it didn't come with the inside pocket, but I'll just have to order it later on. The Jeppesen Accessory Case will have to do for now. I took some picture phone photos of the case and you can find them on trelijah. I filled it up to the brim with some space to go, but I just can't wait to start lifting it all day long. The backpack thing and flight bag definitely was a good combo but now, I'm able to be a little more professional without the backpack deal. Maybe a side messenger bag or something would help out carry things here and there. On to the next purchase of my luggage bag from Luggage Works (formally known as Purdy). Man, this occupation is getting pretty pricey!

Enjoy the pics! Click on each of them for some comments of each.