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ALPA: Deal Not Good Enough, Comair Strike Possible

another link to an informational website: http://www.dcipilots.com

The above is a link to just some general knowledge of the state of the industry that I am now part of. There were a few of my follow pilots from ASA that were picketing on behalf of our other brothers in the now fledging Delta Connection Carrier, Comair. It really stinks that this comes at a time when I just signed on, but I can only hope for the best. It is a service industry out there but finally people are starting to recognize that they get what they pay for in terms of low airfare = crappy seats and service. I do believe that as pilots we are underpaid but I guess a drive from within is the only way to do it. Many say that we did it to ourselves because a lot of us wouldn't mind flying for free, but it hurts to think something like that. I guess if you were to imagine that one thing that you have been wanting to do for a good portion of your life and you had a chance to do it, you would. That's where it comes from. It is sad that I'll be playing it low key for a while, but hey, my view is better than yours!

Looks like I'll be "stuck" in San Diego this weekend. I originally made plans to try to head out to Honolulu, Hawaii with Adelle and got everything setup in like 2 days, but we weren't able to head up to LAX on a commuter flight. I knew that we should have drove to LAX, but I took the chance and just couldn't get on. The ticket counter ladies at American Eagle were very nice and courteous as well as the gentleman at the Sky West booth but nothing came out of it. I got listed as a jumpseater but I didn't want to go anywhere without my Lisa. =( Oh well, at least we have each other and lots of choices of food and I saved some money! (not by switching to Geico either)