san diago...

Even though this weekend didn't turn out what Adelle and I was thinking it was going to be, we still enjoyed every single minute of our two days. I have to say that it was one of the best weekends in terms of "kicking" it old school where we just played video game amongst the 4-6 of us, hung out and eat at Niban Sushi, watch a play and just have an overall great time. We also had the awesome spicy pork chops from Sam Woo BBQ! Thanks for the great weekend guys! Jojo finally got his Wii today along with two Wiimotes and I got to hang out with Haas for just a little bit. It's going to be awesome the next time I come back!

I finally setup my Google Reader which, by the way, was recently updated and is so awesome and user friendly. It's all about the web applications these days.

Anyways, at Niban, I ordered two large cold, unfiltered sake bottles which were definitely put to good use. We all shared in good times. Thanks again! I've been so energetic these couple of days its awesome!

Now, I'm going to just have to get all serious and just put my head in the sand with a book and cockpit mockup. I'm up to bat and I need to hit a home run this month. It's going to get really tough! Let's see which flight I end up tomorrow. I'm hoping for a seat esp. with 6 First and 10 Coach available.

From (top) left to right: Me, Marella, Jomar, Jojo (bottom) left to right: Adelle, Corinne