It's crazy how much you can actually get accomplished and learn in just one sitting. I definitely was once again not on top of things, but I got them down to a comfortable degree. I'm going to sleep just saying it over and over again and play the scenarios in my head non stop, but as I do that, I have a lot more to go over and learn too! It's definitely all piling up and I could sure use a day to just learn it all. I have CPTs until Saturday and then that night, I'm going to decompress a little bit but then hit it hard on Sunday and Monday. These sessions are going by rather quickly and its just unbelievable.

The Chargers just lost their defensive coordinator to the Dallas Cowboys. I know that Wade Phillips will be an awesome head coach. It's going to be interesting on who we start hiring to fill in all the shoes that are vacating the Chargers Coaching Staff. Supposedly they are also working on a new logo? More on that later if I ever find more out about it.

I worked out again today and was a little better on the diet. I didn't have the two pulled pork sandwiches which was a good thing. Instead, I finished a large can of pears (the ones with water and Splenda which has a lot less sugar and fat for ya), a slice of bread with peanut butter and little amount of jelly, a slice of bread with some turkey and hot sauce and called it lunch! I had a banana this morning with a peanut butter powerbar and just like 5 24oz bottles of water. If you have to guess what I had for dinner again, just click here. I'm going to see how long this can last. I really want some pho and I just might go get it tomorrow. We'll see who's up for it!