of confidence

There you have it folks. I finished CPT4 this afternoon with a better head on my shoulders compared to when I got out of CPT3. It was pretty bad in that I went in with too many questions and hesitations. As my instructor told me today, I just need to start doing things and act like I know what I am doing. I really do and trust me, I would tell you want I don't know and what I really know. It took a session like today to finally realize where I stand. As many of you know, I require a lot of personal reassurance anytime that I have a decision to make. I know that they are not training us to be Captains just yet, but I seek it for everything. I've always wanted to make everyone and anyone happy and just do things right. You could say that this is my strongest setback. I'm definitely a little more confident now today and I will be forging a new type of character for these next sim sessions. Shoot, I might as well carved it out right now and set it straight right now!

On other news, My Barack Obama set out for the Democratic Nomination today in Chicago, Illinois. He is definitely one of my favorites and for those that do not know me, I am a Republican. He's ideas and campaign platform for 2008 is a little on the unrealistic side and I can't say that I agree with everything but he is the first candidate, Republican or Democrat that I would actually see myself supporting. I just hope that Mr. Giuliani makes up his mind and announces something soon. He hasn't really had that much time in the public eye recently, and with the storm and Barack is part of, its definitely going to overshadow some of Rudy's efforts if he doesn't do something fast! That's just my point of view. What do you have to say about it? Here are some polling reports from some random website. Click Here

I have a lot to study and I'll try to post as often as I have been doing but its going to get a little tough really quickly. If you were to sum it up and check out my Google Calendar, you'll see that I'm set to finish training in just another 18 days. That's scary huh?

I'll also been working out so far three days in a row! I'm going to two weeks straight and hopefully it'll become habit. I'm also on the don't eat past 1900 (7PM) routine. As long as I'm here stuck in Atlanta without any type of nighttime entertainment, looks like I'll be able to stick to it.