of Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Apparently the last two jars of peanut butter that I bought have a chance of containing Salmonella Tennessee. Yeah for me especially when I already finished 95% of one of the jars. Sorry babe if you had some of it too. Luckily, Adelle or I did not have any symptoms or anything. I took a picture of my jars and posted them on trelijah. Usually its fun to be part of something cool, but this time around it just isn't that exciting. =(

I finally got a chance to take some pix of unboxxing the new Jawbone Headset from Aliph. It is really comfortable and the sound quality is actually pretty good. Since I'm still not on the receiving end, I'm not really sure on how the quality is, but I'll post more on a review later. The presentation is definitely top notch and the little extras are great too. The boxes that you see online on ebay from Cingular are definitely a lot different than what I got. Since I ordered it directly from Aliph last week, the packaging was without a branded cellular provider box. I haven't had the chance to try out the different ear pieces because the standard one fit just fine. It is a little bigger than other headsets, but it does boast to have 6 hours talk time. That's a lot more than the competition. Here's the company's website, http://www.jawbone.com.

I was able to relax today but I think that I can squeeze in a couple of hours for studying. Just two really. Well, I'm off to get something done. I might work out, but might not. We'll see how I feel. Tomorrow is definitely going to consist of at least 6-8 hours of hardcore review and studying. Wish me luck on that plan!