to become comfortable

It's about time that I come out of a Sim session feeling better about the whole thing. It did take up to 4 sessions to finally get to a comfortable level where I thought that I could actually fly the thing. It's awesome once you achieve that too! I had a chance to work on a lot of crosswind landings which did get better over time. I still have more to work on specifically on the final round out. I did a single engine cross wind landing too which went really well. I haven't shined has bright as I've wanted to yet, but I'm definitely getting there. I can just feel it. I got four more till the check. I also have a lot to study for the upcoming oral exam. That's going to be exciting!

I decided today that I might as well try to go home for a quick day. I'm going to be able to study at home which is good, so I won't be that far off. Getting home is going to be an obstacle again, but it is every time. I can't believe that it's Ash Wednesday already. What are you going to give up for Lent?

I had some Bronx pizza for dinner which was awesome! Just wanted to share that. I'm also going to probably have some awesome Chinese food but since it is Chinese New Year, I'm not sure if they are going to be open. Shucks...Happy New Year though!