to Wiggle

I'll be wiggling my toes each and every second I get tomorrow morning starting the moment I wake up. I'm already having a hard time go to bed tonight just thinking of all the checklists and things that I have to test and do on my first flight. I am officially beginning my Initial Operating Experience after completing 8 legs of jumpseating to various places around the Eastern US.

My first trip is to KPHF then an overnight at KILM. Like I've said before, check out and then add me as a friend. It's free and I'll be updating my schedule there often if you want to follow along. They also show you on Google Maps where the airports that I'm flying into are. You have to sign up for in order to see my full schedule or you could just do a day by day thing by checking out the mobile version of the site that I use on my Palm Treo 650 Web App by clicking pilotcrossings mobile page. I will try to update my schedule on Google Calendar, but this website it just so much easier to do. Stay tuned on the results of my first land! See you on the other side!