finally some time...

I'm blogging from a hotel room in Montreal now only because I've been in the middle of moving to a new 5 bedroom house loaded w/ 8 guys. I took the master bedroom with 2 other doods and it should hold up pretty good for a good crash pad. I've already completed 2 days of IOE and today was actually my third full day. It was blocked for almost a full 8 hours. I had to wake up extra early today because I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning last night (my fault) and in order to pick them up, drop my car off at Flight Safety for a car wash tomorrow and then take the shuttle from the Red Roof Inn to the airport just added up to about 2 extra hours. I got to the airport still with about 30 minutes to spare before I had to check it so it all worked out just right.

IOE is going well. I'm just demanding a lot from myself which is getting the best of me. To my surprise, an FAA Check Airman rode with use today to GTR and back and that just heightened my nervousness. It really wasn't that bad after it was all said and done but man, I have to say that it was a little nerve racking. The current captain that I have is awesome too. He's really good at explaining and teaching me things. I know that tomorrow will go well. I just hope that Thursday and Friday will also be awesome!

I'm about to head out by myself and just explore a little. I'm also going to try to wake up early and do some good morning exploring. Not sure exactly what to do yet, but I've got some ideas. Enjoy some pictures at

The Chargers have a trailer like commercial on their website for the new uniform. I can't wait for one! I'm trying to get some Atlanta Thrasher tickets against the San Jose Sharks. Should be a good game.