Buffalo and Snow IOE

These are a couple of new pictures from my last flight up to Buffalo. The captain and I thought that we would have been canceled but because the storm moved so fast to the east, Buffalo wasn't that bad at all. It was my leg because the IOE Captain wanted to fly his last trip back to Atlanta and it just worked out that way but I was excited because of the conditions that I would be flying into. I landed on a runway that wasn't that slippery or contaminated at all, but the light snow and the snowy taxiways were something that I've never done before. We also had a chance to get de-iced which, of course, I have never done before. What better timing than to do it with an IOE Captain. I really hope that the next few lines that I get from Crew Scheduling are okay and are with an awesome captain. I heard that you get spoiled with your training instructors and that some of line guys aren't that friendly. Always have to stay positive and just make the best out of any situation. I get my first call tomorrow afternoon probably.

The picture to the right is just outside of my window on board the flight deck. It's pretty awesome I think! Oh yeah, from what I know now and have been awarded, I have April 23-26 as my Golden Days. Anyone going to come to town? Either than that, I'm on reserve till then. Oh joy!!!

I forgot to write lately about my diet too so here goes. I now weight in at about 173 lbs. which is closer to my goal of 165. I still have a waist that I need to run off but the diet of Tuna, bread and Ritz Crackers or whatever else on the plane is just awesome. I'm also able to save quite a bit of money bringing along a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and try to ease my appetite along the way with some various trail mixes too. I found a place called the "Nut House" just right down the street which has just about any trail mix that I would have imagined and I can't argue that it's expensive either. Over a span of 2 days for 2 people (the Captain and I), we shared $5.00 worth and I thought that it was perfect. I could of course maybe had it last longer but I'm the type to always share. I also have some Special K Cereal in the morning and or a shake of sorts. I think that I could lose that extra 8 pounds too by the end of the month. That's my goal at least!

Here's another picture of a frozen lake (I have no idea which one) on the final approach into Buffalo.