Round and round....

From Evansville, Indiana to ATL then to PVD where the winds were gusting. I took that last two legs which included the gusty crosswind landing in PVD then a smooth one back in ATL. Providence did prove to be a little too much for me. I'm still getting use to feeling out how much actual correction I need to put in while I fly the plane down. I definitely do a lot better without following the flight director and just flying the plane down visually. Once we touched down, the Captain once again bought us lunch from Wolfgang Puck Express. He bought me a bags of chips and a Turkey Sandwich on a special type of bun. The bread was great and the meet was appetizing. I have to say that the meat itself was just some turkey from an Oscar Meyers package or something, but it was tasty. I'm really grateful to the crew for such a good experience. They raise the bar so high that I just hope that each of the crews that I fly with from here on out are that awesome!

Anyways, so, on takeoff from PVD, I wanted to do it the way another Captain taught me, but it didn't work out that well because I still wasn't aggressive enough. I'm sure that I'll have a lot of chances and days that demand a lot of perfection in crosswind landings and takeoffs, but I want to master this now. I'll try some flight simulator or something to help me out. Atlanta landing was good but it was cheap because the winds were light. It still wasn't the smoothest that I've done, but good enough.

I had to rush though from once we got the gate at D Concourse, I had to run to the C Concourse to drop off my pilot bag full of Jepps in the crew lounge, then out to security but I took a detour back on the tram to D. I eventually took the trolley back the other way to the terminal, went through security, and then to Gate A10. I had <1 hour from the time we touchdown to get to my commuting flight back home to San Diego. It worked out to where I was #2 on what was remaining on the standby list that didn't get assigned a seat but I checked in at the gate with about 20 minutes left till departure. The whole security thing is a mess. I guess that it proves and means well, but the hassle of going back out to just get screened then back in just to catch a flight home is a little cumbersome. If I did get checked this morning, then I wouldn't have to go through it in ATL, but Evansville is just quaint and we still get to go through the crew area.

I made it as the last person on the plane back to San Diego and I'm here just hanging out once again. I'm finally going to get my eyes checked but ASA's Vision provider stinks! No one wants to accept them. The name of the company, Spectera is just plain awful. I'm just going to head to LensCrafters who also just recently stopped accepting them because of how bad they were. I can't believe that the company that I work for provides this poor insurance. I might as well not have anything at all! I was looking forward to heading to my old optometrist, but he doesn't like them either. Go figure!

I met a really cool dad on the plane. He's basically all set in life and it awesome to sit next to someone that is just really full of positive energy and stuff. It was the first time that I commuted in my uniform. I did that only because there was 1) no point to change 2) no time to change. Now, I just read that since I brought some liquids with me, I have to commute back to ATL in uniform. Geez. Oh yeah, my gel also exploded in my toilettres' bag. It got everywhere! Thanks to Adelle for helping me clean it out! Alright, well, I'm excited for some new glasses and contacts. It's been just a little over 5 years since I got my last exam. This one is going to cost a pretty penny for both contacts and glasses.