too little time..

Lets see, I rode the jumpseat of a Delta 757 on my way back from San Diego which was awesome except for the fact that I wasn't able to get any sleep. The crew on board was entertaining and I just loved chatting to them. Of course, I did wish that I got some sleep, but I got enough.

I haven't been able to post that much at all lately because of the schedule that I've been given as of late. I've been on what the company calls "Naps" for exactly what it is. The past two trips that I have had, I left around 2130, arrived at 2245, got to the hotel by 2330 and then went to bed around midnight or 0100, then had to wake up at 0400 - 0415 to get downstairs for the shuttle back to the airport to take the aircraft back. These last two days have been somewhat of a blur, but I'm hanging in there. I was going to have another Nap tonight, but I guess that since the layover time is > 8 hours, it's considered a regular overnight. I also noticed that I already got extended for another RT (roundtrip) right when I get back in the morning so I won't be back till about 1200 tomorrow.

I better get ready for another fun filled night! Oh yeah, the 30 minute flight time to Augusta, GA is a little crazy in terms of being rushed. You are up then back down, and its just crazy busy.