Packing for 8 days...

I just got scheduled for another NAP (or COD - continuous on-duty or also called a standup.) If you haven't already gotten the terms, it just means that I will be arriving really late at the away station and leaving back for Atlanta early in the morning. More or less, I'm going to be getting very little rest. I'll be arriving around 2200 local if there are no delays, taking a shuttle to the hotel (15 mins) and then try to go to sleep right away. Then I'll be catching a crew bus at 0500 which means that I'll be having to wake up around 0415 to get ready. I should be getting back to Atlanta around 0845 and hopefully, I'll be able to take a flight directly back to San Diego that leaves at 0900. If I don't get that one then I could go at 1100. It's going to be a long 24 hours but should be rewarding when I breathe the SD air!

Oh yeah, Adelle and I are also planning a trip to Hawaii this upcoming Sunday through Thursday. Should be pretty fun and like always, she's all geared up to go eat at these recommended places and do the touristy things. She's definitely a great little travel agent! Thanks beeb!

Two of my roommates also got LAX trips for the next few days! Why am I getting excluded from the West Coast Flying! I want to get out there bad. Hopefully I'll get out there for the last 3 days of this month. Hopefully, it'll work out well. =)