One word....FAST!!! The approach into KDCA doing the River Visual into 19 is awesome but damn it goes by so quickly. I wish that I had more time to sightsee a little bit rather than just diving in. It was a good approach but too bad that it wasn't my leg. Tomorrow might be my leg out of here, but we'll see. I definitely don't want any trouble executing it correctly with all the restrictions surrounding the entire airport!

My auntie is picking me up for a quick trip to her house. Should be fun!

also quick note: tonight was the first night that I had some pretty good turbulence. It wasn't too radical but definitely rougher than normal. It wasn't expected either. I also had a 3.27 minutes ground time in ATL which turned into a 4 hour being that we needed a Captain. Shortage is here folks. Start the negotiations!!!

Does the July Schedule link work for you guys at all?