Quick Trip

Another trip to San Diego and back again. I got in Monday night and left on Wednesday morning. Tuesday included a trip to the bi-weekly haircut at the PQ Barber Shop followed by some PQ Donuts. Adelle and I then met up with my parents at Pat and Oscar's where we hung out for quite a while. Prior to heading to Pat and Oscar's, Adelle and I went to Edward's Cinemas thinking that we were going to watch Transformers or something else new but of course being that Harry Potter was playing that night at midnight, I thought that we might as well indulge in the mania. The line was long outside with full of people camping out in tents, sun bathing and it was just kind of nutty. It almost seemed as if it was even more of a hype than Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings. We went up to the ticket counter and to my surprise they were sold out for the four 11:59PM showings and the 3:15AM showings in the IMAX theater. Of course, we hung out for a bit and found out that there was a 6:15AM showing so of course after all the hype, we thought that it would be fun anyways to watch it then. The movie was sold out and when we finished, the line for the next film was long and the rest of the showings for today were sold out! It's crazy! The IMAX in 3D was pretty cool. I enjoyed the movie and cannot wait of course for the last two. I ended up watching Transformers online and it was okay. I wasn't necessarily all about it because of how confusing the transformation was in that it looked like a bunch of noisy graphics, but the action was great. I'm just glad that we watched Harry Potter instead.

I'm about to embark on my next trip that is basically a rinse and repeat each week. I can't wait to fly to the Bahamas, but it does stink that we don't have an overnight there. I haven't met my captain for this line yet, but I've already heard that he's a good guy. My flight attendant is awesome because at least, he and I get to hang out and grab some dinner / beers. Tulsa was fun and I'm sure that the next few overnights will be fun too!

On the way to San Diego, I met a newly promoted Captain at ASA who moved from Dallas to Salt Lake to LAX and now he's back in ATL flying the ATR. It's always nice to sit with another ASA guy when commuting. It's nice to make new friends who share a commonality and it'll be nice to actually hang out while were in San Diego. I also watched Premonition on the way to San Diego and it was alright. It's funny how many movies I'm actually watching now that I'm commuting. I should definitely be studying or something for the test that I want to take, but right now I can't fathom doing it right now. I need to prepare or something mentally, but the motivation isn't all there. Soon though...