Ever since I became a Regional Airline Pilot, I have succumb to a simple life. I didn't have one that was too extravagant I might say but of course, others have had a difference of opinion. I ended up selling my Mercedes C55 AMG because I no longer wanted to bear the responsibility of the monthly payment (not that I was making it either while in school) but I felt like it was time. I will also be transporting my car bar to my mom from Atlanta and driving once more the 1985 Turbo Diesel! I'm excited to be driving that car again, but getting it there is one thing. I'm too sure exactly how I might accomplish this car swap, but we'll see how it goes.

To date, I have been spending less and less and becoming a little more frugal with my cash flow as it has been restrained by the paychecks that the airline provides me. Even though I am as skilled as I feel I am (BS degree and professional airline piot training) I'm forced to be dealt the cards of a poverish wage. It'll be a while before I can ball it up again, but I will once more. It'll just be by slower and different means. I have been able to experience the good life and I am more than eager to get back there. I do feel a sigh of relief and look foward to just being simple. I hardly buy clothes anymore or things (although I want the new PS3 and no I didn't get an iPhone) but we'll see how things go in the next few years. It's going to be an interesting ride!

Supposedly August 7th is a good day to keep in mind for new and upcoming Apple products...we'll see what ALPA and ASA provides for the pilots in the next few weeks.