August Schedule

Back by popular demand, I just posted my new final schedule for August. I hope that if any of you guys / gals find yourself in the town that I will be overnighting in, don't hesitate to give me a call. I'm usually down to hang out and do stuff. As before in July, I will be off Mondays through Wednesdays. I'm starting to really feel the fatigue of a month's schedule of flying a lot, but I have to say that I'm excited for the per diem in my check this upcoming 15th of August. It's definitely going to help offset a little of my unnecessary expenditures. Adelle was in town this past three days that I had off and the following week (July 30 - August 1st) I will be visiting my cousins in Edmonton, Canada. That should be fun! I can't hardly wait for that trip. When Adelle was here, we got to spend some time doing the things that one must do while in Atlanta...go to the Delta Museum, and check out the world's largest granite rock, Stone Mountain. It was definitely an awesome hike up the mountain and I'm really glad that I got to do it with Adelle. It was a lot of fun and I really think that I will be undertaking a lot more trails of such in the south here. I have to admit that it was really hot, but it was definitely a great workout! Here's a picture of us at the top!

Anyways, my flight tonight into Fort Wayne was a little exciting with a traffic resolution where I had to pull up quite a bit in order to avoid a collision and the fact that we ended up a little high on the approach into runway 5. It was, of course, of no incident, but it was definitely something that is constantly reminding us of why there are still two human bodies at the controls of an aircraft to where they can make the right (well most of the time) assumption about the current situation and how to handle the aircraft. I have a great Captain once again on this trip and its just awesome how I keep on getting the good ones. I haven't had one incident yet, but lets not jinx this.

As a side note, I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but right next to the title of my blog appears little entries from Twitter that is more up to date and current than these long entries. It's been hard to update once again because like I have mentioned before, I've been getting exhausted on these trips. Oh yeah, the National Mediation Board also just announced that they want the ASA ALPA Committee to meet again with the ASA Management in order to come to an agreement! It's just preposterous how long we have been at it and that these people think that we will come to a resolution soon. We need to take action and really just start to do something about it. Oh well, the life that I chose to live...go figure. I wanted a challenge and I got one!