September Schedule!

I just posted it above under Flight Schedules...if you care too look at my work calendar for the month of September. It is the first time that I bid for a 'Relief' Line which is basically where the company gives you what is left that didn't make it onto a regular line. You ask for certain days off and what you rather fly, and they just do whatever they can with it. Sometimes they help you out and give you what you want, and the other times, it just doesn't work out. This upcoming month, two of my Roommates and myself bid for the same days off so that we could head to Northport, NY for a 10K. I fall behind them in seniority so they should have gotten the days off, but I was the only one that got the 16th off. I got the 15th-18th and they got the 13th-15th. Of course, the run is on the 16th so I'm not too sure how its going to work out. It really sucks the way that this turned out. I'm also blocked for only 65 hours or so which is a lot lower than usual. It'll be a fun month but the pay will definitely be a lot less which sucks. Oh well...we'll see how it all goes down!