Winging it...

Day to do things these days have been more of an adventure the more I think of it. Random places and bars...different restaurants and foods...almost killing myself on a 10K (my first one by the way) and just flying to pay the bills! The 10K took place in Northport, NY an was called the 2007 Cow Harbor race. I ran it with Matty P and his friend Sean. I didn't train and I'm definitely paying for the pain that I'm feeling all over my body, but I like to think that I did just alright. I mean, I finished and I really had no gauge on how good I wanted to do or what a good time was. I really didn't do anything to prepare myself..hence, winging it!

I'm heading to San Diego again this weekend, but I'm not sure whether or not I'm actually going to go anywhere else in terms of a vacation. Should be fun to just go somewhere random. Maybe Salt Lake City or something. We'll see...I'm not sure if you have me on facebook or myspace, but I do have a profile there with some new pictures. It's almost as if I have to keep up three different virtual lives these days and make sure that I tend to them! Anyways, today was just a waste of a day really. I finally got a working installation of Windows Vista with some other programs ready to go for some actual work usage.

What I mean or am talking about it the project that I'm trying to get going, but there are just too many things in my head. I want to keep on running (after I fully recuperate), buy new shoes, head up a project, fly and study more about it so that I'm ready for an interview just in case I need to apply somewhere else (long story) and then fly back to Daytona to take care of some things, geez...just so many things to do that it stinks that I can't really work on too many things when I'm on an overnight. It's not like I put work away during the 4 days that I'm on when I'm at the hotel. I wish that I could run errands or something, but you just can't do anything. I guess that I could continue running and planning, but sometimes you just do want to do anything after a day of flying. Tomorrow I have 5 legs...that's going to be a doozy!