Boston, MA [13 October 2007 after landing...]
I took a cab from Boston Logan to the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston where my friend, Joe - the dentist met me. We then went to his apartment to drop off my belongings and headed straight to a bar where I drank a good amount of Kettle One and Tonic with Joe an some of his friends from school. I ended up meeting Devin, Deon, Yuen, Lynn and Tiger. We had shots and then headed out at closing to get some drunk Chinese food in China Town at Peach Farm. That was awesome dinner. I haven't had that much fun in a while. What a way to start out a spontaneous trip to Boston! I was loving every minute of it.

Boston, MA [14 October 2007 walking...]
We woke up early the next morning, went to Starbucks, then walked all over the city starting out first with Newbury, then to Parish Cafe where I ate an awesome sandwich but the name of it escapes me right now, walked around more, went to Quincy Market by way of the Financial District, straight to the Wharf, past some really nice houses to Little Italy where we stopped my Mike's Pastry ( where I had a Florentine Ricotta Cannoli and a cappuccino, and took the train back to the apartment where we streamed the Raiders at the Chargers' game which we blasted!!! We hung out there for quite a bit until it was time for dinner where we went to a Japanese Hot Pot Restaurant (one of Joe's favorite called Shabu Zen) Walking home, we passed by JP Licks, tried some Pad Thai Ice Cream was a definitely the weirdest, I never wanted to vomit it out so bad ice cream, but I swallowed it with a bitter smile. I went for the Coffee Oreo with Cookie Dough topping instead and that was great. We called it a night.

Boston, MA [15 October 2007 BU and the Triforce of Evil!]
Sitting in the cafeteria of Joe's School typing away and reading, I came up this part of the book I'm currently reading and wanted to write it here.

Excerpt from "The Holographic Universe" Sometimes the relationship between the image and the illness is so striking it is difficult to understand why it is not apparent to the individual involved, as in the case of a psychotherapist who had emergency surgery to remove several feet of dead intestine and then told Siegel, "I'm glad you're my surgeon. I've been undergoing teaching analysis. I couldn't handle all the shit that was coming up, or digest the crap in my life." --> ...nearly all diseases originate at least to some degree in the mind...

In case you don't know why I wanted to put that text there, its in response to the fact that our minds can do anything and manipulate the way that we feel. There is a lot in the book that helps you understand a bigger picture of life and how you can control the way that you feel. It's good stuff. I've definitely come a long way, and this book just helps me out a little bit more! Pick it up! Also pick up "I Am America and So Can You!" by Stephen Colbert. It's just funny and entertaining.

After a quick session on dental x-rays, we sat down at a breakfast place known for its Turkey Hash and eggs named Charlies. It won a multitude of awards and I definitely enjoyed the food. I haven't eaten so many varieties of food in such a short length of time for a while. We went home, changed a bit and then headed back out. I got to see Fenway Park, walked around some more, this is where I took a picture with the famous Citgo Triforce of Evil, (I mean, being that it's a monument of sorts for an original American company, it is no longer tied in with supporting democracy but rather the likes of Hugo Chavez...) crossed over the Charles River into MIT and then to Harvard Yard and through the campus where there was this statue and some about gaining 10 IQ points by touching john Harvard's Shoe.... :-) All this was was a lot of walking for sure. I enjoyed a Malted Shake at some place (the name escapes me at the moment) but it also won awards. I don't think that Joe and I ever went to a place that didn't have their window plastered with awards and plaques. I guess that's what you get in the food capital of the US. We also had some Mexican food which was good. Took the shuttle home and more walking! =)

Boston, MA [16 October 2007 35 mins...]
I was able to get up early tidy things up a bit in the apartment that Joe and Ha so willing let me stay at, gathered my things and began my journey through the Boston Subway System. It was too easy to find my way around. I timed the whole things from 5:50AM, I arrived on the other side of security awaiting my aircraft at 6:32AM. That included the train ride from Hynes Convention Center to a switch to Government Center, then to the airport shuttle stop where I hopped on a bus for Terminal A, up the stairs, through security and then followed by a long walk to the gate. It was good stuff! Got back to ATL, ate, move my belongings into the Loft from the Master Bedroom (now I'm solo but with only 2 walls...anyone know where to get one of those Chinese privacy screens?) and then got ready to do a four day trip which has been shortened to only 2 days. McAllen, Texas isn't that bad of an overnight. Long flight, but worth it!