my one week off in ATL!

Well, after much effort in trying to coax any of my friends to take a week off and join me for a vacation in Costa Rica or Rio, I decided to just relax a little bit with maybe a trip back home to San Diego. Of course with the onset of wildfires engulfing the San Diego County area, it became more of a fact that I wasn't going to get home. My family is fine and we did not have to evacuate. Our tenants did which definitely must have stunk, but like I've said, its all good now. It's quite ridiculous though how much has burned. My prayers definitely go out to everyone there.

Today is now Wednesday and my mini vacation is just about half way done. It's definitely sad but I did do quite a bit around the crash pad. In a short amount of time I was able to move out of the master bedroom and into the loft. I have a lot of stuff all over the floor but I've been able to sort through a lot of junk papers and mail. I've also been able to work on my car with my friend Kurt where we replaced one half of the fuel lines (I still might have a couple of more to change out but so far its doing a lot better in terms of smell), and the biggest thing was disassembling the instrument cluster to change out batteries on the SI board. It's all working now and I'm stoked. I was able to get a complete diagnostic on the E30 and was quoted about $4000 in repairs. So far, I was able to take off the fuel lines ~$400 and the instrument cluster exchange for about ~$600. I definitely wish that I could continue to work on my car but lacking an awesome garage kind of stinks. It makes things a little more difficult without having the chance to look underneath the car.

I'm really into fixing my own car and there are still quite a few parts that I'll be needing to buy and change out, but I'm contemplating how much time it'll take for the larger items. I might be needing some new brakes and rotors in about another 10,000 miles, the oil pan is leaking a bit, but nothing too big, but the biggest item is the head gasket thingy. It's still all good though really. I'm just really looking for about 5 more years and about 50,000 miles before any other big ticket items. I'm quite excited.

Now, off to sleep! cya! maybe I'll be taking a vacation sometime soon. anyone up for a buddy pass?