Gaming consoles and their owners

I just found a "fun" article on who linked back to MSN Dating & Personals. It basically takes the three of the latest generation consoles (PS3, Wii, Xbox360) and categorizes their owners' personalities. It's almost spot on too! The Wii description is funny but I decided just to clip the excerpt from the PS3 component:

Q: What does a PlayStation reveal about a dude?

Arinoldo: The PlayStation 3 may indicate that the user is any "early-adopter," someone who likes to be the first on the block to have things. Owning the PS3 may also send the message that the person may have deep pockets.

Owen: This is your 21st-century individual who enjoys gaming and demands the best out of his experience--and probably his women. The PS3 guy enjoys life to its fullest. He is sophisticated, intelligent, enjoys competition and is willing to wait for a good thing. He is loyal as well.

Satterfield: This guy is in the know. He knows the right people, goes to the best restaurants and doesn't wait in line to get into the club. This guy will be difficult to keep up with, as he is always working. When he's not, he uses videogames as a chance to unwind and relax.

I guess that I can say that I'm glad I got a PS3! There's also a new firmware [official press release] which was just launched today dubbed 2.00 (November 8, 2007) which isn't that *boom* It's really disappointing that the Personal Video Recording feature hasn't been included just yet. It seems like PS3 and their Blu-Ray has a lot of catching up to do especially with this past weekends Toshiba $100 HD-DVD player blowout by Best Buy and Wal-Mart putting out 90,000 more proud owners and supporters out there.