Colts at Chargers

Final Score: Final Score I can't take it anymore. The Chargers have just been causing me so much stress lately. From getting their asses wiped by some Vikings, to an offense that can't move the ball. At least our special teams is doing really well and with Antonio Cromartie intercepting Payton manning 3 times tonight and making some awesome plays last week, it looks as if our secondary is actually a force to be reckoned with. I just wish that we had the team from last year which includes the entire coaching staff. And we just luck I tell ya. Payton being intercepted 6 times and Addai going for less than 3 yards per carry. We barely got away with this one and the rest of our schedule doesn't look that easy. Let's just hope that we get a lot better offensively. It's like all the big names from last year are gone. Where's LT, Merriman and Gates? Please guys...lets just play some good football.

Now I just need Matt Hassleback to do bad or at least not score more than 14.00 points in fantasy terms. I'm beating one of the top guys right now and tomorrow will determine who wins. I need to be third going into the playoffs in order to avoid playing one of the guys with Tom Brady.