The Greatest Place on Earth

disney1 I really enjoyed hanging out yesterday at Disneyland with Adelle and just exploring all the new things at California Adventure.  Seeing the Christmas Parade and listening to carolers  really gave me the feeling of Christmas!  It's definitely something that I needed.  Looks like I'll be headed to Providence on Thursday for a Thanksgiving there due to my flying schedule this month.  I do have Christmas and New Year's off this year which is great! 

I've been lagging in my studies for the advancement of my airline employability status, but because I've been slacking in my scheduling, I won't be able to break the nice round number of 1000 flight hours until January or February of 2008.  It's all good really, but if I set my sights on it earlier, I could have definitely reached that goal no problem.  I had a few months with only 50 hours of flight time, so once I get to 2nd year pay, I'm going to try flying my butt off!  On more ASA news, I just read online that the Tentative Agreement was voted in.  We should see the changed shortly at the company.  Hopefully and I'm sure that it'll be for the best!

I'm still writing for and I'm happy that my articles are becoming a little more un-blog like and more journalistic, but I still have a lot of growing to do.  Everytime I come back here to update this blog, it kind of brings me back to the comfortable style that I'm use to.  You can call it talking to the keyboard.  That's mainly why you can probably tell that I don't even proof reading.  Oh well, make sure that you leave comments on my articles and everyone else's on